Refreshers for Improving Your Online Presence

Let’s face it – Technology and social media preferences are seemingly everchanging. From new platforms being launched or changed to social media trends going from hot to not in less than a day, there is a lot to keep up with when it comes to building your online presence. That being stated, there are certain things that you can count on – simple areas that you can give attention as a contractor without breaking the bank or adding a new team member.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of giving your website and social profiles a little “refresh”. Whether you need to update content on your website or remove and update your socials, here are a few key areas to focus on to ensure that you’re making the most of your online presence:

  1. Get Social – If you are already on social media, then it is important that all of your profiles (on all platforms) are active. Often, if social media profiles are not regularly managed, then months can quickly go by without a post; this can lead to loss in your audience and engagement. For this reason, check your pages/profiles to ensure that they have been properly maintained and are updated with your latest and greatest happenings. Remove any unwanted or duplicate profiles, and work on streamlining your content sharing process.
  2. Update Your Website – To have an updated website doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make radical changes or create an entirely new site. Sometimes, a simple “cleaning up” of text and images can give your business a refreshed look. More importantly, if you have added a blog, have new pages or profiles on social media, or have changed your location or contact information, make sure that all appropriate updates have been made and links have been added to your website.
  3. Invest in SEO – In order for your website to show up “higher” in search results, you should consider checking in on your current SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. SEO isn’t a one-time action; rather, it is something that takes time and continual attention to maintain momentum. To start, you will need to choose the best “keywords” for your industry and products/services; keep in mind that these can change over time depending on how most people search for your type of service. There are a variety of online tools to find the best keywords; be sure to include short and long-tail keywords such as “flooring contractors in Orlando, Florida”. Be sure to have keywords positioned properly throughout the front and back-end of your website. Additional optimization efforts that you can make include improving page loading speed, accessibility, navigation, and adding links to partner sites.

For contractors, and HBW subscribers who are contacting new leads, it is important that you make a positive first impression when potential clients are searching for your business online. By sticking with consistent brand representation, active social profiles and an updated website that is easy to locate and navigate, you will be well on your way to attracting and retaining customers for the long-term.

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