Florida Swimming Pool Construction on an Upswing in May

With close to 2,000 swimming pool starts, new pool construction was up in Florida last month. The month of May proved to be the best month for new swimming pool construction in Florida since the start of the year.  Nearly … Continue reading

HBW Report – Growth in Florida Residential Permits in May

More than 5,100 permits are on record with HBW for Florida housing starts in May, a 35% increase in comparison to April. Along with Orlando continuing to hold the #1 spot for total housing starts in May, every major area … Continue reading

Texas Home Builders Spotlight – May 2016

This week, our eye has been on Texas.  With nearly 7,000 new permits on file with HBW for the month of May, it has been an active period for new residential construction in the Lone Star state.  As reported in … Continue reading

Texas Home Building Report – May 2016

With a 37% spike in residential construction permits since April, the HBW database is brimming with new construction data in Texas. There is no shortage of news on the real estate market and home building in Texas.  Just take a … Continue reading

Financial Incentives for Green Construction

With the demand for solar and energy-efficient home features growing, home builders can offer valuable resources for consumers to reap financial rewards for going green. Going green is more than just a preference; in many ways it is a necessity.  … Continue reading

Pinterest for Your Home Building Business

With image-heavy content and a myriad of topics, Pinterest can be an effective social media marketing tool for construction professionals. Think Pinterest is not for business? Think again.  Often associated with crafters and hobbyists, Pinterest can be overlooked by businesses. Believe … Continue reading

Texas Top Home Builders – April 2016

As noted in our Texas residential construction report earlier this month, more than 5,000 new permits were added to the HBW database in April.  Out of the nearly $1.2 billion in new residential construction that took place in Dallas, Houston, … Continue reading