Multifamily Construction Projects Continue to Dominate

The National Multifamily Housing Council’s quarterly survey reveals that apartment markets continue to climb. The breakeven level of the NMHC’s Survey of Apartment Market Conditions is 50; the market tightness index rose from 56 to 68 from the first quarter … Continue reading

Austin Construction Market Picks Up Steam

As HBW subscribers have no doubt already noticed, builders in the Austin metro area have been very busy of late. Multifamily high-rises in downtown Austin join luxury housing communities in nearby Katy in making Austin the fastest-moving and most competitive … Continue reading

Bio-bricks: Cheaper, Greener, Building Material

LEED certification is a credential avidly sought by many businesses and homeowners, for both the bragging rights and the tax incentives LEED brings. Rising energy costs, awareness of the huge carbon footprint generated by traditional building methods, and the desire … Continue reading

Oklahoma City’s Southwest Showcase of Homes Kicks Off

From now until August 3, the Southwest Home Builders Association and the Moore Home Builders Association will be be showing in the I-240 corridor area. Tours run from 1pm to 7pm and are free and open to the public. The showcase … Continue reading

Office Depot Helps Builders See Green

The South Florida chapter of the US. Green Building Council has partnered with Office Depot to create a Green Group Savings program for members of the South Florida USGBC chapter. Office Depot Inc.’s partnership with group-purchasing organization Windfall, Inc. follows … Continue reading

Developers Prep for Manatee County Housing Boom

As HBW subscribers have no doubt already noticed, developers have been buying up hundreds of acres in Manatee County during the last nine months. This move is expected to jumpstart a home building boom in southwest Florida. In the first week … Continue reading

Keep It Clean: Swimming Pool Sanitation Alternatives

When summer’s here and the heat is high, the last thing anyone really wants to worry about is keeping their swimming water clean and fresh. Inexpensive and easily available, chlorine has been the method of choice for decades. But problems … Continue reading

Avoid Health Hazards for a Safer Remodel, Part 3: Utility & Appliance Hazards

Home remodeling is a fairly complicated process, and it’s easy to forget that it can also be a hazardous one as well. In order to ensure the safety of yourself, your crew, and the homeowners who you’re working for, keep … Continue reading

3 Hot Tips for a Sizzling Outdoor Kitchen

GC’s and subcontractors who are keeping up with the latest design trends know that more and more homeowners want their new home equipped with an outdoor kitchen. Unfortunately, one challenge many builders face with outdoor kitchens is that they are … Continue reading

The Woodlands Fall Home & Garden Show

Next month, The Woodlands, TX—one of the fastest-growing homebuilding markets in the Houston metro area—will be hosting its 12th Annual Fall Home & Garden Show. By all accounts, it will be a showstopper for both homeowners and residential construction industry … Continue reading