10 Tips for Improved Email Etiquette – Part II

A few months back, we published our first post on tips for improving email etiquette.  You may already have an email policy in place, or perhaps you are just getting one off the ground.  No matter how robust or simple … Continue reading

The Highs and Lows of Texas Residential Construction – Third Quarter Report

Although Texas has experienced a 6% dip in new residential construction through Q3, areas like San Antonio and Austin are ahead of 2015 figures so far this year. When looking at the metropolitan areas of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and … Continue reading

Atlanta Residential Construction Third Quarter Review

With more than 16,800 new residential construction permits, housing starts in Atlanta are up by 15% in comparison to 2015. The Metro Atlanta area is teeming with housing starts and on track for having its best year yet.  At the … Continue reading

Texas Residential Construction Review – September 2016

In Texas, there were more than 5,000 new residential construction permits added to the HBW database last month, and Houston was on top for total housing starts. Although Texas experienced a dip in housing starts in comparison to August, the … Continue reading

Prioritizing Clients During a Natural Disaster

As a construction professional, your services are in demand during a natural disaster.  Here are few tips for prioritizing your clients. As soon as Hurricane Matthew made its way to the U.S. earlier this week, panic sunk in for many … Continue reading

7 Website Essentials for Home Builders

Almost anyone can secure a domain name and get their business online, but there are a few basic “must-haves” for getting the most out of your website. More consumers go online to get information about, well, pretty much everything.  The … Continue reading