Florida Swimming Pool Construction Review – November 2015

Although winter is upon us, swimming pool construction is active year-round in the Sunshine State, resulting in many new permits and leads added to the HBW database in November. If you offer designs, services and/or products for swimming pool owners, … Continue reading

HBW Report: Top 10 Florida Home Builders – November 2015

Florida continues to hold steady in residential construction as HBW has nearly 4,000 new permits on record for Florida during the month of November, adding some familiar and new home builders to the monthly Top 10. Last week, we reviewed the highs and … Continue reading

HBW Report: Florida Residential Building Review – November 2015

With close to 4,000 new residential permits added to the HBW database for Florida during the month of November, there is proof of a solid and consistent level of construction in the fourth quarter of 2015. According to a December … Continue reading

Texas Residential Builders Report – November 2015

Home builders in Texas remained busy throughout November resulting in new permits added to the HBW database and a notable list of top builders throughout the Lone Star State. Look at any recent housing report, and you will find Texas … Continue reading

7 Free (and useful) Apps for Home Builders

With new apps being launched every day, we reviewed free apps for contractors that can be used to make life on the job a little easier. Just search “construction apps” in the Apple or Google Play stores, and you will … Continue reading