WELL takes the LEED in Building Standards

In only 14 years, LEED has become the worldwide gold standard for eco-friendly, energy-efficient construction, but it hasn’t made the same strides in human health-consciousness.  Delos Corporation aims to change that with its release of the latest version of the … Continue reading

Green Trends in New Homes

New homeowners want to live in healthier, greener, homes. According to Tara Campbell, founder and blogger for Power House Growers, “homeowners are starting to place health high on the priority list when looking at real estate investments. Families are looking … Continue reading

“Go Build Alabama” Nabs High Praise at Industry Conference

The Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute’s efforts to promote construction industry workforce recruitment have not gone unnoticed. ACRI’s “Go Build Alabama” program nabbed a Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Award of Excellence at this year’s celebration, which was held in Houston. The … Continue reading

Indiana Limestone Offers AIA-Accredited Architectural Education Program

The popularity of architectural stone masonry has waned in recent years, but the Indiana Limestone Company aims to help change this situation. The company will offer in-depth professional programs on the use of limestone in building design and construction. Geared … Continue reading

Construction Education Builds Norman Construction Workforce

HBW subscribers know there are more jobs for skilled construction workers in Oklahoma than can be found in most other states. The strong local economies of Tulsa and Oklahoma City have led to a steadily increasing construction boom. The only … Continue reading

USGBC Extends LEED 2009 Through 2016

LEED v4 wasn’t designed for simplicity, and this has caused some challenges for builders and developers who want to work with LEED certification. To alleviate the difficulties posed in the transition from LEED 2009 to LEED v4, the United States … Continue reading

USGBC Announces 3 LEED Courses to Grow Your Business

LEED certification has become a highly-sought-after credential for developers and builders alike. But initial LEED certification is only the first step in a career-length journey into mastery of LEED principles. Continuing education units are integral to the LEED certification system, … Continue reading

Pool & Spa Builder Certification Course Nov. 2-7

With the swimming season drawing to a close, many pool and spa builders are beginning to think about how to enhance their professional profile during the cooler months. One way to do this is to seek professional certification from the … Continue reading

Boosting Your Subcontracting Business: Part 1

This multi-part series is dedicated to helping our subscribers better understand the hiring process so they can get onto the GC’s list of preferred subcontractors and start building up their business. HBW is proud of the work we do for our … Continue reading