Lowe’s Introduces In-House 3-D Printing

For developers selling newly-built homes, custom, built-to-order properties are the name of the game. In addition to a fabulous floorplan and well-appointed living space, current home buyers want designer touches and fixtures that inevitably drive up the materials costs. Now, … Continue reading

Top 4 Signs That a Remodel is In Order

Sometimes it’s easy to know who needs a remodel. If there is shag carpet on the walls, chessboard linoleum in the bathroom, and a harvest gold refrigerator that hums like a riding lawnmower, then it’s certainly time for some updates … Continue reading

Residential SIP Demand Rises

Use of alternative building methods and materials is on the rise, especially in the residential construction industry. While stick-frame construction is still the norm in much of the U.S., many builders are embracing the use of Structural Insulated Panels, or … Continue reading

3 Steps to a Great Outdoor Kitchen

GC’s and subcontractors who are keeping up with the latest design trends know that more and more homeowners want their new homes equipped with outdoor kitchens. Unfortunately, one challenge many builders face with outdoor kitchens is that they are working … Continue reading

Green Climate Control Options for New Homes

Although summer traditionally begins on June 21st, most Americans begin to feel the heat long before then. But ever-increasing energy costs and concerns over environmental pollution have left some reluctant to crank up the A/C, leaving their homes stifling and … Continue reading

Keeping Your Home Strong on Shaky Ground: Seismic Retrofitting

While California is certainly famous for its earthquake activity, the rate of seismic activity has been drastically increasing of late in Oklahoma, Kansas, and even New York. While most homeowners in these states shouldn’t expect massive earthquakes any time soon, … Continue reading

4 Projects to Avoid for a $mart Remodel

It’s inevitable that homeowners eventually have to re-evaluate whether their house meets their lifestyle needs. When they love their location and neighborhood, really like their house, and don’t want to waste money on closing costs and moving expenses, homeowners usually … Continue reading

Appealing to the Strong Senior Housing Market

Builder confidence in the 55+ senior housing market, according to the National Association of Home Builders’ 55+ Housing Market Survey. The two major sub-markets for this demographic are the single-family and multifamily condominium home buyer markets. One of the factors … Continue reading

Household Features Buyers Want

The National Association of Home Builders recently polled over 400 developers and real estate agents to find out what buyers want—and don’t want—in their new home. Green tech and energy efficiency are tops on the list, with ample organization, storage, … Continue reading