HBW Report: Third Quarter Highs in Atlanta and Florida

There are some highs in the Southeast, and we’re not talking about the weather.

The HBW database is flooded with rich information on new residential construction in Florida and the Metro Atlanta areas.  In comparison to 2014, new residential permits have increased immensely this year through the 3rd Quarter.  Whether you are currently an HBW subscriber or looking to get started, you will want to take a glance at permit activity on file and the “highs” in growth and total numbers for new residential construction.


The Atlanta area has seen some major growth in 2015.  In comparison to 2014, five counties are experiencing more than a 50% increase in new residential construction activity.  Bartow is leading in growth with an increase of 109%!   Newton County is hanging in second with an increase of 75%, followed by Walton County which is ahead of 2014 by 65%.  Here is look at the top five counties for growth (%) and a side-by-side look at new residential construction in each area for 2014 and 2015:

Metro Atlanta – 2015 Top 5 Counties for growth through Q3

When taking a look at the total number of new residential construction starts in the area, other counties make their way to the top of our list.  Gwinnett County is leading with 2,432 permits on file through the third quarter, which is a 6% increase from the same time last year.  Forsyth County holds a close second with 2,218 new residential permits in the HBW database (+10%), and Fulton County comes close with a 22% increase in activity and 2,026 permits on file; Fulton County also carries the lion’s share (317) of new homes valued over $500K.

METRO Atlanta - 2015Top 5 Counties for Total # of New Residential Construction Permits thru Q3

Metro Atlanta – 2015 Top 5 Counties for Total # of New Residential Construction Permits thru Q3

When looking at Florida through Q3, it is less of a question about where the new residential construction is booming and more about where to begin…


Let’s start with a regional view of Florida, from Northeast to Southeast and everything in between.  Overall, all areas are showing an increase in residential construction activity, with Southwest Florida leading in growth with a 22% increase and Central Florida leading in total new starts with 9,121 permits on file for 2015 (Q3).

Florida: Total New Residential Construction by Region YTD 2014 & 2015 thru Q3

Florida – Total New Residential Construction by Region 2014 vs. 2015 (YTD-thru Q3)

Throughout the state and by county, there are some standouts… Although shy on the total number of starts, Jackson County (Northwest) is ahead of 2014 by 227%. Also slim in totals but high in growth, Gadsden County (Northwest) takes second (+93%) and Putnam County (Northeast) follows closely with a growth of 86% in comparison to 2014.

With once less active areas making strides, it is no wonder that counties in Florida that are typically hot spots for construction are seeing increases of their own. Orange County (Central Florida) is leading in total starts with 3,923 permits since the start of the year (thru Q3), a 15% increase from 2014.  It should come as no surprise that Orange County also takes the lead in new construction of homes valued over $500k (425 starts), and at the current quarterly average should exceed the annual total from 2014. Hillsborough County is second statewide and leading West Florida with 2,792 new residential construction starts, reflecting a 13% increase in comparison to the same time last year.  Hillsborough is also on the top of list (3rd place behind Collier) when it comes to homes valued over $500k, with 359 starts and already exceeding annual totals from 2014 (345). Not far behind, Lee County takes the third spot in activity through the 3rd Quarter and leads Southwest Florida with 2,362 new permits on record, an increase of 29% in comparison to 2014.

Florida: Top 10 Counties – New Residential Construction 2014 & 2015 thru Q3

Florida –  Top 10 Counties for New Residential Construction (thru Q3)

Looking for new leads in Florida and Metro Atlanta is easy with the growing number of permits available in the HBW database.  Whether you focus on a particular county or provide services throughout the state, you can find every detail and data available about the many new residential construction permits that are constantly added to the database.  Remember to keep your leads fresh; contact HBW for your complimentary and custom report today.

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