How to Use HBW Construction Data Reports – Part II

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How to Use HBW Construction Data Reports – Part I

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Three More Ways to Use Construction Data Reports

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Texas Top Home Builders – April 2016

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Metro Atlanta – Quarterly Home Building Report

In the first quarter of 2016, the Metro Atlanta area is solid with a 32% increase in housing starts in comparison to Q1 2015.   Metro Atlanta is having a great start to 2016 when it comes to residential construction.  … Continue reading

HBW Report: Texas Swimming Pool Construction – January 2016

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HBW Report: Atlanta Residential Construction 2015

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HBW Report: Third Quarter Highs in Atlanta and Florida

There are some highs in the Southeast, and we’re not talking about the weather. The HBW database is flooded with rich information on new residential construction in Florida and the Metro Atlanta areas.  In comparison to 2014, new residential permits … Continue reading

Texas New Residential Construction – 3rd Quarter Report

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HBW Report: Pool Permits on the Rise in Florida

Pool construction is on the rise in Florida, and HBW has the statistics and leads you need to stay in-the-know. Pools have been buzzing in various construction media outlets as of late.  With record temperatures across the globe and 2015 … Continue reading