HBW Quarterly Report: Atlanta Residential Construction Q3-2022

A review of permit data for new residential construction in Atlanta from January through September Based on HBW’s latest Building Activity Trend Report for new residential construction in Metro Atlanta, new home construction activity has declined since last year. Through … Continue reading

Atlanta Residential Construction Quarterly Review: Q2-2022

A review of permit data for new residential construction in the Metro Atlanta area from January through June 2022 New residential construction in the Metro Atlanta area has continued to remain slower this year in comparison to last year.  Through … Continue reading

Atlanta Residential Construction Overview Q1-2019

An HBW review of new residential construction permits in the Atlanta area during Q1-2019 In the first quarter of this year, there have already been approximately 5,300 new residential construction permits added to the HBW database for the Metro Atlanta … Continue reading

Housing Starts on the Rise in Atlanta

When it comes to residential construction in Atlanta, it just keeps getting better. In 2016, the metro Atlanta area experienced a 14% year-over-year increase in housing starts. Atlanta isn’t often referred to as “Hotlanta” just for the weather, nor for … Continue reading

Atlanta Residential Construction Third Quarter Review

With more than 16,800 new residential construction permits, housing starts in Atlanta are up by 15% in comparison to 2015. The Metro Atlanta area is teeming with housing starts and on track for having its best year yet.  At the … Continue reading

HBW Report: Third Quarter Highs in Atlanta and Florida

There are some highs in the Southeast, and we’re not talking about the weather. The HBW database is flooded with rich information on new residential construction in Florida and the Metro Atlanta areas.  In comparison to 2014, new residential permits … Continue reading

HBW Report (Florida + Atlanta): New Residential Construction Heats Up in the South

For those of us living in the South, we know that the temperatures have been at a high this summer.  For those of you who are receiving HBW’s Construction Data Reports, you are already aware of the highs that Florida … Continue reading

Construction Trends Georgia Market: 2nd Quarter 2013

We have seen tremendous growth in the Georgia market this quarter. Residential construction numbers have risen by over a thousand, that’s a thirty-three percent increase over the previous quarter. We are excited to see that Georgia’s upward trend is still … Continue reading

Construction Market Trends: 1st Quarter 2013

New residential construction is truly on the up and up in Florida and Georgia closing out the 2013 first quarter. This is testament to the housing market turning the corner for the best especially in Florida who get hit hard … Continue reading