Contractor Holiday Marketing During COVID-19

With the holidays fast approaching, it is important that businesses consider current conditions when launching holiday marketing campaigns

Let’s face it, the pandemic has flipped everyone’s world upside down.  From health and safety measures to how we live and work, the last several months have been seemingly ever-changing.  These changes are being felt across the board, and from a business perspective, every industry has experienced the impacts in their workflow, staffing and operations.  From a marketing perspective, it has altered content and calendars, making it difficult to know how and when to launch previously scheduled campaigns.  With everyone’s schedule still feeling a bit up in the air, it is important to take time to review your content and communications schedule to ensure that timing is still right and relevant.

When it comes to holiday marketing, reviewing your messaging is especially important.  With the holidays being right around the corner, it is vital that your communications are sensitive to the current state of your customers’ families and businesses, as well as the uncertain social and political climate in which we are living.  The holidays will most certainly look different this year for everyone, so it is essential to take extra thought and care in how and when to approach your clients and prospects. 

In previous years, your holiday-related marketing efforts may have focused on gift giving or how to best prepare homes for dinner parties and guests.  With social distancing measures still in place, more homes will be quiet and there will be less group gatherings.  With unemployment still a reality for many, the focus on gifts may be on more practical and affordable options (if any) rather than extravagant extras.  Such a change in focus for the buyer should shift your approach and offerings as well.  Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you begin to launch your holiday marketing strategy:

  1. Cater to Current Interest – While catering to your target audience’s main interest areas is a given in marketing, keep in mind that the focal area may have shifted due to fear and challenges resulting from the pandemic.  Think about pushing forward the services and products that meet your target’s highest priority need.  For example, an HVAC installer should focus on pushing forward clean air benefits related to filtering viruses, and floor installers should share the benefits of hard floors versus other surfaces when it comes to sanitizing and keeping a clean and healthy home.
  2. Make it Easy and Contactless – To really expect any response or purchase at all during this time, you must make it easy for buyers to make a purchase and/or place an order.  Additionally, transactions should be completely contactless, so if you do not already have online purchasing options for your services, now is the time to put one in place.  To put it simply, you will want to remove any risk and inconvenience in the purchasing process.
  3. Make it Safe – Lead with safety by taking all appropriate precautions. Don’t be afraid to put front-and-center your message regarding safety measures you and your team are taking to protect your clients and each other.  For many who are on the fence about having a contractor, installer or designer in their homes, the extra reassurance and confidence that can be provided by clearly stating the safety precautions you have in place can convert an undecided prospect to a confirmed buyer.

By connecting with your leads in a way that is meaningful and thoughtful, you have the ability to learn more about their needs and ensure that the services you offer will meet them.  It will also allow you to nurture existing client relationships that can build and strengthen your business well beyond the holiday season.

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