5 Ways to A+ Testimonials

Solid testimonials that are shared at the right time and place can boost sales and your business reputation.

Many people will say that word of mouth referrals are the best referrals to get.   When good things are being said about your business, word can travel quickly, but getting the word started in some ways is up to you.  How do we get those referrals?  Well, the obvious answer is producing a top-notch final product and service, but great service and high-quality performance won’t get you there alone.  You must provide opportunities for customers to share your good work and the positive experience they had with your company.

Here are 5 ways to get and gain the most out of testimonials from your clients:

  1. Find Your Stars – Rather than just asking every client for a testimonial, identify your star clients. Whether it is a high-profile individual or business or the project was your largest and most impressive to date, make a list of the clients and projects that best represent your top work.
  2. Make it Personal – Once you have identified your star projects and clients, make a personal “ask” for a testimonial. Talk to your customer about why their feedback is important and where you will share it. Let your client know their value and your appreciation for their business and time.
  3. Make it Easy – Not everyone wants or has the time to write a testimonial, so an online survey that is directed to acquiring the most important information needed can make it easier to develop well-rounded testimonials. “Great job” or “nice work” is not going to set you apart from the competition.  For this reason, your survey or the questions you ask your clients should specifically address your service or product.  Rather than just asking for a testimonial, ask:
    1. How competitive was our pricing compared to others?
    2. What is the greatest benefit of using our company?
    3. Did you find our team and crews to be professional?
    4. How quick was our response time to questions, and how helpful was customer service?

By providing a guide on the feedback you need most, you will increase the probability of getting the key words and endorsements you are seeking.

  1. Clean it Up – Not every client will have impeccable writing skills, so don’t be afraid to make appropriate edits. Along with the obvious corrections to spelling and grammatical errors, you may find the need to paraphrase in order to focus your message. That being stated, make sure to get sign off and approval from the customer before publishing new and improved versions of their testimonial.
  2. Be Real – Testimonials must be real, and while you may be getting authentic feedback from your customers, the presentation of it may not look as authentic as necessary. In other words, source your testimonials.  A full name, location, company name and picture is ideal, but not all customers will want to make their personal information public on websites and social media. In such cases, offer their business name and a website link to help drive traffic to their site; perhaps a logo instead of their photo will be more appealing.

Once you have finalized your testimonials and thanked your customers, now it’s time to share them with your HBW leads and prospects.  From your flyers, email blasts, social media pages, websites and more, your satisfied clients’ endorsements will be a welcome addition to your marketing efforts.

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