5 Reasons to Submit Your Work for an Industry Award

Entering your work into a home building competition may benefit your business in more ways than you thought possible.

With the recent announcement of the 2018 Builder’s Choice & Custom Home Design Awards now accepting entries, it opened the question of why entering such competitions can benefit our subscribers’ businesses.  No matter the size or service your business provides, showcasing your work and success stories can only benefit your business.  There are various awards open to home builders, from local contests and regional trade associations to larger national and even international builder publications and events.  In addition to the Builder’s Choice & Custom Home Design Awards, other widely recognized competitions include but are certainly not limited to:

And the list goes on… Deciding which awards will ultimately be the difficult part; deciding whether or not to enter should be easy.  Although award entries probably don’t even make it to the list of priorities for a busy home building business, it is worth weighing the pros and cons as the return on your investment may be greater than you would expect.  Here are five reasons to consider entering your work into a home builder award competition.

  1. Expand Your Audience – While you may have tried-and-true methods built into your marketing strategy, awards can often open you up to new opportunities within your target market as well as open new supply channels and assist with breaking into new markets. The organization providing the award will also be providing a bit of free marketing for your business as their reach is most likely greater than one single small business, and they will have multiple channels for sharing their award program.
  2. Build Your Reputation – Award programs can serve as a way to gain credibility. No matter if you win top spot or not, having your work recognized and acknowledged by a respected source in the industry gives a little boost to the integrity and reputation of your business.
  3. Engagement Opportunity – From social media to newsletters and personal emails, entering an award gives you another “entry” to your customers and prospects. By inviting contacts to view your work, vote or simply share the honor within their networks, you are providing a no-pressure point for engaging your primary audience.
  4. Team Building – Having a project that is award-ready takes a village. From the designers to the project managers and laborers who made it happen, entering a project can give a boost to your team’s self-esteem and add to your team building efforts.  In addition to the recognition that will go with the awarding organization, your company can take this time to recognize and show appreciation to the valuable team members that contributed to the effort.
  5. Enhance Recruiting – Everyone in the construction industry knows that finding top talent is like finding top grade diamonds; there is a high demand and limited supply. Attracting top talent goes beyond competitive salaries; strong candidates are looking to be part of strong teams that produce quality work.  While awards can’t do it alone, they most certainly add to the perception of your business and can be attractive to industry professionals looking for a new opportunity.

Once you are ready to submit your work for an award, make sure to do your research.  Take time to view previous winners, eligibility requirements and your competition.  While not every award program will be right for your business or reach your desired audience, the right award can open the door to new opportunities and a new perspective on your business.

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