Seven Apps for Improving Social Content

Keeping content fresh and appealing can seem like a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be; with so many social trends and networks, it can be a challenge to decide which social platform and approach will yield the greatest results for your business.

Truth be told, not every social network will be the right fit for your business or the right place to engage your target audience, so the first step is narrowing down your choices to find the networks that will meet your needs.  Once you are active on social media, it is important to routinely post content that is engaging and can help drive traffic to your website and business.  Here are seven apps to help you improve your content on social media:

  1. AR Placer Cam – This app allows you to place text or emojis directly into a video. You can easily create tracked text in Augmented Reality for your videos, which can be especially eye-catching in a video of a property tour.  Plus, the 3-D feature takes standard titles to the next level.
  2. Grammarly Keyboard – No matter how stellar of a speller you may consider yourself to be, all of us could use a little proofreading, especially in our social posts. We live in a world where spell check is built-in to our daily communications, so why wouldn’t you have the same in your social posts?  For those of you looking for the extra double-checking, there is “Grammarly Keyboard”.  This personal editor can be used for making sure your emails, LinkedIn messages and FaceBook posts are free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  3. Scrubbies – If you like Boomerang, you will probably want to check out Scrubbies; with Scrubbies you can create video loops all while having full control of the speed and direction of video playback. In other words, you can capture the video now and turn it into the exact loop you want later.
  4. Wonderlens – At first glance, you may think this app is a novelty app for changing out backgrounds and making people look as though they were in someplace completely out of this world, but it can also be great for home builders. Think about it… Have you ever taken a photo and had people or unfinished work in the background?  Now, you can take photos of your finished remodel or latest build and make sure it stands out.  With people recognition and ability to use your own backgrounds, it is also a great way to take photos of you and your team and place them at any job site or location.
  5. InShot – This app is a handy and multi-functional video editor, and you don’t have to record the video within the app itself; instead, you can just import your favorite video and begin editing, adding voiceovers, text, music, stickers and video effects.  You can also adjust speed, lighting and orientation.  While the app is free, there are in-app purchases.
  6. YouTube Studio – If you have a YouTube channel, YouTube Studio allows you to go beyond basic analytics that you already access in the app. You can monitor watch times, views and subscribers directly from the app, along with managing your videos.
  7. Adobe Capture – Looking to transfer the colors and patterns from your latest construction project to the digital world? Adobe Capture allows you to take a photo and find the exact colors in any color scheme from printed materials to nature and landscapes.  It provides an easy way for your proposal or marketing piece to share the exact same colors as the exterior or interior of a property or project.

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HBW does not endorse or receive compensation from any of the apps or related companies listed above.  This article serves as a starting point for readers to conduct their own research and find social content apps that work best for them and their business.

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