Safety Apps for Construction Professionals

Safety is a #1 priority in construction, and now there are a few helpful apps to make managing safety even easier.

While there is no substitute for a solid safety policy and training program, there are technologies and apps that can make managing job site safety a little easier.  All construction professionals know that the cost of accidents is greater than any investment one can make in safety.  Getting a policy in place is one thing, and having employees follow those guidelines is certainly an entirely different issue.  For this reason, we reviewed a few popular apps that can be integrated into your safety practices and amp up your job site safety efforts:

  1. First Aid by American Red Cross – Yes, you have the posters in your office and a guide in the truck, but in the moment of an accident, basic rescue information can be difficult to recall. This is a good time for the First Aid app by American Red Cross.  Even if a team member is already trained in CPR and first aid, a quick reference guide that can be quickly accessed by phone is useful for anyone on the job.  The app is free and offers instruction and information in English and Spanish.
  2. Scribe for OSHA – When an incident takes place on your job site, OSHA needs to be notified. Scribe from OSHA is designed to guide users through the reporting process. The app provides information on data to be collected and reported, as well as how to find local offices and submit reports.
  3. ERG 2016 – Chemical spills and exposure to hazardous materials are a serious matter, and the truth is that dangers from exposure to chemicals are often unknown. Now, you can take the mystery out of hazmat accidents with the guide to chemicals and precautions offered in ERG 2016.  The app provides an indexed list of dangerous materials, the general hazards posed and recommended safety precautions.  It is useful to review the guide when hazardous materials are introduced to the job site, as well as when exposure to harmful chemicals takes place.
  4. FallClear Lite – There isn’t an app to replace fall protection tools and safety kits, but there is an app to help assess required clearance for various fall arrest scenarios. FallClear is a useful app for workers and supervisors who are already trained in fall protection.  Users can upgrade to the “Pro” version to add information regarding the weight of the worker.  Additionally, the app creates a summary of clearance calculations that can be recorded and shared via email.
  5. Heavy Equipment Inspection – No need to bring the clipboard or laptop, the Heavy Equipment Inspection app is a quick go-to tool for conducting equipment inspections from your phone or tablet. The app offers both mechanical and visual checkpoints for inspecting heavy equipment. Once the inspection form is completed, users can save it to the device as a pdf. or excel file, making it easy to share via text, email or cloud drive.

Just as safety is something that all employees should have at the forefront, so should everyone have access to safety apps.  Supervisors can sync their apps with their safety managers in order to share incidences, images and reports.  While no single app should replace your standard safety procedures for handling and documenting job site injuries and illnesses, technology can provide your team with quicker access to life-saving information and tools for managing safety issues in the field.

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