Making the Most of Video Marketing


Earlier this year, we explored various ways that home builders can develop “explainer videos“.  At this point you may have developed those videos or are still on the fence about whether or not videos are a valuable marketing tool for you and your business.  If you are on the fence, now is a good time to look at the facts about the power of video and dynamic content and ways to best incorporate video in your marketing efforts.

First, let’s take a look at the facts…

  1. The number of people viewing YouTube has increased 60% year-over-year which is the fastest growth the website has experienced in two years (source: YouTube)
  2. Globally, 80% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2019. That’s an increase from 64% in 2014. (source: Cisco)
  3. The current state of TV viewing is flat, while digital video viewing has increased. Online video ads score higher impact than TV ads on Nielsen measured metrics (source: Nielsen).

So now that we know that the power of video marketing is obvious in its growth and widespread use, let’s look at ways that you, the construction professional, can optimize use of video in your online presence.  Here are video ideas and uses to consider as you get started:

Promote – Promotional videos are the obvious one here, but videos should be more than just an internet ad or modified TV commercial.  A well-made TV commercial doesn’t always translate in a way that is equally effective online.  Promotional videos can hit a variety of angles and audiences.  Consider shorter and more specific content.  Along with an eye-catching opener and video testimonials, you may choose to promote a specific service or product.  You can also use video to highlight your company’s attributes that make you stand out from the competition.  Simple photo montages are an easy way to highlight your portfolio, while demos and interviews are ideal for sharing your expertise and skills.

Educate – The e-learning industry is has become over a $1 billion/year industry, and online videos as an educational tool have become part of a cultural norm.  Even higher education institutions are on the video train. As suggested in a survey (ITC), student enrollment in online courses continues to grow at a higher rate than overall student enrollment at colleges and universities.  Although home builders are not in the business of college education, utilizing videos to teach about proper installation, safety and care can help build your reputation by flexing your credentials and expertise. Whether the video is for industry professionals or for the purpose of educating consumers and clients, educational videos are useful for building your business and online presence.

Diversify YouTube is great; it is the king of video apps and platforms.  That being stated, don’t limit video to your YouTube channel alone.  In order to expand your reach and improve SEO, you need to get out there.  Post your video and embed your link on your website and various social networks (Facebook, Twitter).  Consider GIFs of the week and video shorts on Instagram, your e-newsletters and communications.

Go Live Periscope and Snapchat are just two apps that have played a role in the growth and familiarity of live communication. Periscope, along with platforms like UStream and LiveStream, allow users to easily broadcast live streaming video.  Whether you’re launching a new product or have a new service that would be of interest to your customers, producing a live streaming video is a great way to offer a personalized Q&A session and tailor information and instructions to your audience.  Live streaming video can provide real-time answers that help prospects and clients make informed decisions.

From developing an explainer video to simply putting an opening intro video on your website and social media feed, dynamic content is valuable in converting a site visitor to a customer. Start small and test the waters to see what gains the most responses by tracking views and activity. There are a myriad options, and well-developed video content may just be the one thing that convinces a prospect to go with your business over the competition.

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