Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

From direct mail to email blasts, here are a few ways to engage your audience and get them talking about your products and services

How do you make someone open and email? How do you get them to read your postcard?  While there is no one way to ensure 100% audience engagement, you most certainly can increase your conversion rate by giving them a little more than just a flashy peek into your business.  Here are few quick tips for getting your audience to click or read your next communication:

Target – It’s easy to talk about and describe your target audience. You may have great data on their preferences, age range and more, but are you really reaching them?  Targeted ads are one way, but that doesn’t provide an answer to your telemarketing and direct mail efforts.  How accurate are your lists and are they reflective of your core target market?  Whether you use permitting data from HBW or create your own list of prospects based on emails and inquires, knowing and reaching your target is the key to your marketing success.

Create Valuable Content – Sure, your glossy tri-fold and mammoth postcard may catch a few eyes, but will it capture your audience? The wow-worthy images and high-quality designs are great to lure customers in, but your content will be what keeps them there.  Sending the same slogan, same message and same stale call to action will lead to the same results every time.  Create new content and opportunities to learn about your business.  Consider offering a lunch and learn at a local hot spot.  Spread the word about your newest location, product or service.  Offer new customer discounts or complimentary add-ons when they mention a mailer or email.  Seasonal discount codes and exclusive deals for a specific zip code can also be useful in sparking interest any time of year.

Show Results – While testimonials are great for proving success with customers, don’t overlook the power of real data. In addition to your portfolio and design showcase that you may have online, consider using infographics and other methods for displaying the benefits of your services.  Years in business, client volume and number of installs or product sales totals can be a powerful tool for showing your company’s impact.

Make it Easy – In a blog or website, you have room to get a little “wordy”, especially for the purpose of SEO. When it comes to your calls and mailings, usually less is more.  Too much text on a postcard, in an email or on the phone can be cause for losing attention quickly.  Try using powerful images and even infographics to tell your story.  More importantly, where there is text, make it count –  Make sure there is an easy call to action and a couple of ways for the reader to learn more and get in touch with you.  Some prefer the phone, some prefer email and even texting, so make sure you have all areas covered and that contacting you is no more than one step away.

By focusing on your target and providing them with valuable and new information, your next email or mailer will have a better chance of making it to your prospects’ hands, rather than the trash.

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