Is Seasonal Marketing Right for Your Business?

By focusing on products and services that are most useful in hot summer or cold winter months, you may appeal to customers’ needs at the perfect time of year.

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As HBW subscribers already know, new and fresh content is important when reaching out to prospects and leads.  Along with utilizing the HBW archives to inform contacts of upgrades or maintenance services that may be necessary, seasonal campaigns may also be useful in highlighting services that are most relevant to specific weather and seasonal conditions.

In a nutshell, seasonal marketing is used for calling attention to specific products or services that are of most interest during a particular time of year.  For example, pool builders may use seasonal marketing to push new pool installations just before summer, and products like insulation or windows may be emphasized prior to winter or summer to help regulate indoor temperature in warmer or colder months.

In addition to focusing on specialized products or services, your company may also use seasonal marketing for general communications.  The holidays are a great time to run gift-giving specials, and the end of the school year is an opportune time to prepare for children staying home in the summer or offering gift packages for new graduates.

Whatever angle you choose, seasonal marketing is an easy way to cater to your leads’ interests at any given time of year.  It is also valuable in appealing to your customers’ needs and opening a door for communication on something that is relatable to most everyone.  If seasonal marketing is something you currently have incorporated into your marketing strategy, or you are curious to see how it may be effective for your business, here are a few quick tips to get started:

  1. Plan Ahead – Timing is everything. If offering a gift package for the holidays, you will be too late by starting in December.  Schedule your seasonal marketing efforts well in advance.  Just as you would with any marketing campaign, plan ahead and schedule communications to be distributed in the months leading up to a given season.  For example, your summer campaign should begin to buzz in Spring.  Planning ahead for summer heat or events allows ample time for customers to consider your services and assess their potential need.
  2. Be Consistent – When launching a seasonal marketing campaign, you should be consistent in all of your touchpoints and marketing materials. Just one post on Facebook or a blurb in your newsletter is not enough.  Where and when relevant, your seasonal appeal should be evident and accessible throughout your mailers, website, social media profiles and email communications.
  3. Customize – Not all seasonal services will be pertinent to all leads and clients. For new HBW leads, use the permit data reports to identify which services are most appropriate for their home or commercial building.  On social media and your website, use analytics to better understand where your site visitors are located to determine their needs.  With your current clients, review their accounts to find matching and seasonally appropriate products or services that can benefit them.

Seasonal marketing isn’t about having snowmen on your newsletter in December and beach scenes in June.  Although images are useful, seasonal marketing is much more than recognizing a change in the weather or major holidays… It’s about offering services that can help prospects and customers when they need it most.  Along with being a great way to package products and services, seasonal marketing opens the doors to new conversations, and new business.

For more information on construction business and marketing tips, stay connected with the HBW Blog.  To get ahead of construction activity and gain access to the latest permitting data in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama and Oklahoma, contact HBW for more information on construction data reports and industry leads.

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