How to Make the Holidays Productive

Tips for making the holiday season productive for your team and business.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and along with holiday parties and gift giving, there will most likely be a lot of vacation time too.  Just because the holidays are here doesn’t mean that your business needs to shut down.  As a home builder or remodeler, projects don’t stop for the month just because shopping and decorating takes over during December.  While you will want to make sure your employees get the holiday and vacation time they deserve, you should also take a few steps to ensure that you won’t lose too much valuable time on the job site.  Here are five tips for making this holiday season a productive time for your business:

  1. Schedule It – Even though every employee may already be aware of their approved time/dates off during the holidays, the schedule of days off should be visible to all employees. By providing guidelines and limitations on the number of employees that can be on vacation on any given day, it provides a chance for your own team to coordinate, swap and follow a clear schedule.
  2. Black Out – If there are certain days that are essential for employees and workers to be on site, make sure to institute blackout dates for days off. The notice for blackout dates should be provided well in advance, and if they take place at the same time each year, they should be incorporated in the employee manual.
  3. Offer Holiday Pay – Just as you offer overtime, additional holiday pay can motivate employees to work some of the less popular hours or dates of the season. Holiday pay differential can be incorporated in your pay structure and may be perfect for those team members who are interested in gaining more time on the job this season.
  4. Offer Flexibility – This time of year is a demanding time for families, and as an employer, it is important to recognize your team’s needs. For this reason, offer flexible hours when and where possible, as well as the ability to work from home or remotely should they need to travel.
  5. Be Fair – Even if you have a first come, first served policy, the same employees may be reaping the reward of holiday vacation year after year. Keep track of those team members taking off for the holidays so that they can fairly share the responsibility and rotate holiday vacation time.

By having a clear schedule, guidelines and fair rotation of the holiday vacation schedule, your employees will be better prepared to keep your business on track throughout the holiday season.

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