5 Ways to Get Your Company “Out There”

Beyond the standard self-generated social media posts, here are five ways to get your business noticed.

Content, content, content – today it is all about content.  From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to generating buzzworthy videos and posts, your marketing success depends largely on the content you are generating, and distributing.  The truth is that you can create content for days; whether you provide an aerial video of your latest construction project or choose to highlight new products or services, if you have an active business you have plenty of content.  What you do with that content is really what counts.  We all know how easy it is to simply tweet or retweet, upload a video to YouTube or tag clients in the latest FaceBook news, but distributing content effectively is much more complex than any single post.

One post can only go so far.  Social networks are called “social” because they are social by nature.  Your content must be shared (and shared again) in order to spread across your audience.  Sure, you can tap into the latest viral news or video or produce your own buzzworthy content, but there are more strategic ways to make sure you maximize your reach.  Here are five ways to get noticed and share content beyond a singular post in your network:

  1. Other Networks – While your FaceBook page may have thousands of “Likes” and your Twitter account gains new followers every day, don’t overlook the power of other networks. Reach out to a publication that is distributed to your target audience.  From online publications and construction newsletters to industry magazines, the options are endless.  Consider writing an advice or how-to article to submit to your chosen publication.  While you won’t have the opportunity to plug your product, you most certainly will have the chance to highlight your expertise and get your company name out to an extended audience.
  2. Partner with Giants – Every industry, including construction, has their big fish and giants. Those giants are often influencers within the industry and can be great partners for sharing content.  Before approaching any big player (individual or corporation), make sure you have a clear understanding of your objective.  Perhaps you would like to quote them in your marketing materials or embed their latest video on your website. No matter how you choose to include them in your marketing plan, make sure it is mutually beneficial and designed for them to share the content within their networks as well.
  3. Nurture Relationships – While you should always be seeking and nurturing prospects, don’t overlook your current clients. One kitchen renovation or landscape design should not be the end of your relationship.  Your current clients are just as valuable as your future clients when it comes to sharing content.  For this reason, you must keep them engaged and continue to serve as a resource for them.  In turn, they will have the opportunity to share your latest newsletter or how-to video within their networks.
  4. Signature Content – Your email signature can be a powerful player in sharing content. Think about it… Every email that leaves your business has the ability to be forwarded and shared; with hundreds of emails each day, your team’s signature should have information beyond an address and website.  Consider having members of your sales team add something new to their signature each month.  From promotional discounts to eye-catching images that link to your portfolio, give your team the tools and content they need to get noticed in everything including email.
  5. Lead Follow-up – When following up with your leads (including your latest HBW leads), it is important to send more than a generic “Did you get my message?”. In addition to the featured link that will be in your signature (see #4), you should also provide them with something educational.  For example, if you are looking to offer new windows, consider providing a link to a company video that shows them the signs of windows needing to be replaced and how they can better prepare their home for changes in weather and energy savings.

By combining your current social media marketing efforts with other groups and outlets, you will be able to multiply your reach and increase the likelihood of getting noticed where it counts.

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