3 Tips for Contractor Marketing Success

At the start of this year, we published Quick Tips for Digital Marketing Success in 2021 where we explored easy ways to improve digital marketing efforts in the coming year.  Today, we are expanding the set of tips to cover marketing efforts that can specifically benefit contractors and their businesses.

Here are three ways for contractors to amp up their marketing efforts, both on and offline:

Referral Program – When you think about it, you are probably already involved in multiple referral programs as a consumer without even knowing it.  As powerful as social media and other digital marketing efforts are today, word of mouth advertising still reigns supreme as it is most likely to lead to repeat and long-term customers, as well as generate more than twice the sales of advertising (source: McKinsey & Company).  Referral programs are not limited to just incentive-based “reward” or “discount” programs; while discounts provide solid incentives, they are simply not the easiest for contractors to execute with their one-time services or service-based businesses.  For this reason, contractor referral programs should take a broader approach in the form of feedback, reviews and testimonials that can be shared across a variety of platforms and within various mediums.  In order to gain the most return out of positive feedback, you must share it; this means more than just a retweet here and there – Consider incorporating it in your mailers, on your website and within promotional videos, flyers and even proposals.

Seasonal Specials – Seasonal campaigns are an easy and effective way to get on your customers’ radars with information that they are already thinking about or relate to at a specific time of year.  Many people think of the holidays when thinking of seasonal campaigns, but for contractors actual seasons drive information as there are property preparations required for hurricane season, snowfall, summer heat, etc. – The change in the seasons offers opportunities to connect to customers with information, products and services that they are currently seeking to make their lives easier in managing their properties based on the changing conditions.  For this reason, create a schedule for your campaigns to push your seasonal products and services to the forefront of your marketing efforts at the optimal time of year.

Keep Networking – Leads do not generate themselves. There are numerous ways to keep your leads fresh and updated, including using lead service providers like HBW, launching whitepapers that require contact data collection, surveys, and contests/giveaways.  Whatever method you choose, make sure your leads are verified and that you diligently track and manage results. Also, track your referral programs and attend trade association, chamber of commerce and local networking events – many events are virtual right now so you can stay connected while staying safe.

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