Tip for Improving B2B Marketing

A look at some ways to improve communication and marketing business-to-business

Whether you are in new construction, renovations or landscaping, you probably have a clear picture of your target audience.  Your typical customer probably lives within a few defined areas and is seeking one or a two of your most popular products or services.  Having a clear understanding of your client is essential in crafting a marketing strategy that speaks to their interests and needs.  And while marketing to the individual may be easier for you, business-to-business marketing should not be overlooked.

When creating a B2B marketing strategy, it tends to be a bit more of a challenge to visualize the end-user.  For this reason, our marketing and communications can become stale and lackluster, all in attempt to speak to a general audience and cast a wide B2B net.  The truth is that a business has just as many personal goals and needs as an individual, perhaps just framed and presented differently.  Think about it…. Just as an individual, a business has a budget, vision and goals for their property; it is comprised of individuals who have an end goal for their project and are trying to find the right solution for their construction needs.  For this reason, it is important to get to know the person or people who are seeking your expertise – Get to know them, their concerns and how you can help them reach their goals.

Here are three easy tips for improving your B2B communications and marketing:

  1. Speak Many Languages – Perhaps you have a go-to brochure, flyer or web page that has been the staple to your marketing strategy for years – That’s great, but you should change with the times and speak to your audience in several “languages”. In other words, not every format works for every customer.  For this reason, make sure you change up the formats in which you are communicating to your audience.  From blogs and social posts to infographics, videos and webinars, there are many formats available for conveying the same message.  Get to know the businesses you are targeting to understand what format “speaks” to them.  Keep in mind, there will definitely be more than one.
  2. Network – If you have ever attended B2B events, expos or meetings, you have probably had your fair share of let downs. Not every networking event or experience is going to lead to a closed deal, but that shouldn’t deter you from continuing to put yourself out there.  Keeping your brand visible to business clients is just as important as staying relevant to the consumer.  In addition to networking events, you can’t ignore the importance of social networks geared to businesses.  For example, LinkedIn is the largest business network in the world, and 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to share content.  Make sure to create a company page and make the most of targeted advertising, blogs and groups where you can connect with other businesses.
  3. Focus on Results – Unlike your consumer, businesses aren’t looking for the shiny object; they are looking for results and outcomes. In order to market and sell to a business, you must present information on how you are going to improve their operations and offer bottom-line business results.  How will you save them time, energy and money with your design or addition?  How will your product/service make an impact, and how will it be better than the competition?  By staying focused on results, you can more directly communicate how you can help your business client achieve their overall vision and goals.

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