Contractors Ask: What About Snapchat?

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Think that Snapchat is just a fad for teens?  Think again.  What started out as an easy video story and messaging app for teens and millennials has become a surprisingly useful and growing tool for marketers.  According to a recent article by Bloomberg, Snapchat’s use is rapidly growing, with more than 10 billion video views and 100 million users each day.  Even more impressive is that the number of views is up from 8 billion since February – Now that’s growth that will certainly garner attention.

As a construction professional, you may or may not have considered using Snapchat at this point, but if the unmistakable and instant growth hasn’t sparked your interest, consider the major powerhouse companies using the app.  Netflix already being in the business of video is an obvious match for the app, successfully using it to provide sneak peeks of upcoming movies and series.  At the same time, you have leading corporations like AT&T, McDonald’s, Amazon, Audi and many more that have hopped aboard the Snapchat train to share their brand and start conversations.

Snapchat is no longer just about photos that disappear in 10 seconds – Unlike most social media apps that serve as a repository for images and videos, Snapchat offers the convenience and fluidity of quick messaging as well as posts that can remain for 24 hours.  The basic idea of Snapchat is that it enables the user to seamlessly transition between different styles of “chat” from video, audio, text, photos and drawings; it is face-to-face conversation amplified.  The app makes it possible for private conversations to shift between mediums, enabling the user to customize the experience and maximize the conversation.

For home builders, the app can be useful in a variety of ways.  Snapchat users can send messages to an individual or groups of people while chatting which can be effective when sharing related projects and designs to prospects and clients.  Additionally, if you are on a video call, you can send images as an overlay so that the designs being discussed can be viewed simultaneously by the other party.  As part of your marketing strategy, Snapchat can be useful in the following:

  • Spotlight an Event – Whether you are participating in a tradeshow or having a community or charity event, Snapchat provides your audience with a front-row seat even if they can’t actually be there.
  • Social Incentives – Just as with any social media platform, contests and incentives that are communicated through Snapchat have the potential to engage your audience and get them “in the door”. You may also offer discounts and promo codes to fans.
  • Behind the Scenes – Prospective clients want to see proof in your work, and moving beyond one-line testimonials, Snapchat provides authentic and real evidence of your work and professionalism. By taking viewers inside a renovation project or providing a first-hand look into the design process, they can get to know you and your business in a new and personal way.
  • Product Launch – If you have a new product or service, you may use Snapchat to build buzz and interest with sneak peeks and teaser videos.


Just as with any new marketing tool, you will want to take your entire marketing strategy into account before jumping into Snapchat with both feet.  It should complement your current efforts, and messages should be aligned with your brand and have a clear objective. Consider your target audience and primary client base to assess if it is the right tool for reaching them.  Although you may want to save the personal pics and “stickers” (cartoons/emojis) for the teens, a high-quality video of on-site progress or photo of your latest remodel may be the way to start, or close, a conversation with a future client.

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