HBW Report: Pool Permits on the Rise in Florida

Pool construction is on the rise in Florida, and HBW has the statistics and leads you need to stay in-the-know.

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Pools have been buzzing in various construction media outlets as of late.  With record temperatures across the globe and 2015 bringing record-breaking heat (source: NOAA), it is no surprise that pools are on the rise, especially in Florida.  According to a recent survey conducted by Trulia, more than 38% of Americans describe their “Dream Home” as one with a swimming pool.  Among the ten metro areas with the highest share of pools, six were located in Florida.  Beyond the heat, there is the profit… Trulia also compared listing prices of homes; a home with a swimming pool in Florida can have a listing price more than 10% above that of similar properties without a pool.

HBW subscribers already know that pool construction permits are on the rise.  In Southwest Florida alone, swimming pool construction has increased 29% since 2014 (Jan-August). Central Florida (20%) and West Florida (17%) have also experienced a significant increase in pool construction. While Northwest Florida has fewer new pools than other parts of Florida, pool construction is on the rise there by 16% so far this year.

FL Swimming Pool Construction YTD-August, 2014 vs. 2015

FL Swimming Pool Construction YTD-August (2014 vs. 2015)

HBW reports offer unrivaled market analytics and construction activity trend reports, which allow us to further breakdown the increase from 2014 to 2015 and focus on areas and counties reflecting the most activity and leads.  As of the end of August, Lee County (Southwest FL) is leading new swimming pool construction with 1,343 new permits in the HBW database, a more than 20% increase (YTD-August) in comparison to 2014.  Collier County (Southwest FL) is also undergoing an impressive increase of 31% with 1,099 new pool permits on record, while Palm Beach County holds strong at a 4% increase since 2014 but high with 1,023 new pools.  Central Florida is seeing an increase in pool construction with a prominent surge of 36% in Orange County, one of the higher increases in the state, and 988 permits on record through August.

FL Top 10 Counties - Pool Construction YTD-August

FL Top 10 Counties – Pool Construction YTD-August

When reviewing the Top 10 counties for swimming pool construction through August, the previously mentioned jump in Orange County is noteworthy, but certain other counties are worth mentioning as well.  Although Charlotte County (Southwest) did not make the Top 10 due to only 276 new pools being on record, this area has experienced a whopping 452% increase (Wow!) in pool construction since 2014; it may be an area worth watching as the demand for pools rises.  Sarasota County is hanging on at #8 in the Top 10 counties through August and reflects a massive 51% increase.  In the Southeast, Miami-Dade  holds in 7th with 727 new pool permits; despite this being a 12% decrease since 2014, neighboring counties in Southeast Florida keep the area steady in comparison to last year with a slight rise of 1% in Southeast Florida overall.

So what does new and growing pool construction mean to you aside from more swimming in Florida? It’s simple: Construction professionals who are proactive and knowledgeable of building trends and activity can strengthen their competitive edge, build their prospects and expand their reach.  Pool construction permits are just one of the many reports that can be customized and provided by HBW.  You can get a complimentary HBW building data report, specialized white paper or simply subscribe to HBW’s newsletter to stay informed and ahead of the competition.

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