HBW Report: Florida New Swimming Pool Construction in March 2017

In March, more than 1,600 new swimming pools with a total value of approximately $67M were started in the Sunshine State.       

FL New Pool Permits by Area – March 2017

While March didn’t prove to be a record month for new swimming pool construction in Florida, new construction activity has been holding somewhat steady since the start of the year.  Out of the 1,608 new permits with a construction value of approximately $67M added to the HBW database last month, the southwest area maintained its lead.

In the southwest region, there were 465 new swimming pools started last month with a total value in excess of $19M.  Lee County led both the southwest and entire state of Florida for having the highest concentration of new pool construction for the one-month period, a pattern that has been set since the start of the year.  With 142 new permits and more than $6M in construction value, Lee County continues to set the pace for pool starts.  The pool builders leading construction in the southwest portion of the state include Aragon Pools & Spas with 56 new permits and Pinnacle USA and Aquadoc Inc. with 23 and 22 new permits on file respectively.

The Orlando area continued to hold ranking as the second hottest place for new pool construction.  In March, Orlando had 344 pool starts and just about $14.6M in construction value.  The larger county of Orange pushed up one spot since February ranking second in the state for pool starts; with a minute increase since February, Orange County had 121 new swimming pool permits and nearly $6.7M in construction value last month.  All Seasons took the top spot out of builders in the area with nearly 90 starts on file and close to $3M in total value.  Holland Pools and Bobs Pool Service Inc. were next to follow with 26 pool starts each.

Tampa and Southeast Florida each had 309 new swimming pool permits added to the HBW database last month.  Tampa had a greater total construction value of approximately $13.7M, while the southeast region had a lower total value of $11.5M and the lowest average value of construction statewide at $37,262.  In Tampa, Hillsborough County had the highest concentration of pool starts with 107 new permits and a total value close to $5.4M, while Palm Beach County carried the highest concentration of new pool construction activity in the southeast with 113 new permits and a total value in excess of $4.7M.  Pool builders leading the areas include Tampa Bay Pools in Tampa (23 permits) and Louden Bonded Pools (17 permits) in the southeast.

While Jacksonville remained at the bottom of the spectrum for total swimming pool starts (181 permits), it pushed up to the top position for average value of construction (average value: $44,401) in Florida.  Nearly 30% of the $8M in new pool construction occurring in Jacksonville last month took place in St. Johns County.  There were more than 60 pool starts with a total value in excess of $2.8M in St. Johns.  Top builders for total starts in the area include Surfside Pools & Spas (12 permits), Blue Haven Pools (11 permits) and Stanley Pools (8 permits).

FL Top 5 Counties for New Pool Permits – March 2017

FL Average Value of New Pool Construction – March 2017

Information utilized for the graphs and above listed figures for swimming pool construction in Florida was directly derived from HBW construction data reports. To gain access to the HBW database and receive custom and detailed reports on the latest residential and commercial building activity in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, and Oklahoma, please contact HBW for details.

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