5 Ways to Use Promotional Items, Again

Don’t let extra giveaways and promotional items sit in storage; use them to re-engage customers and invite new ones.

Freebies – They are great for expos and conventions, but what about all of the leftovers?  Giveaways are a great way to promote your business at large industry events, but they can often get tossed to the back of the storage closet once the expo doors are closed.  Whether they are pens, pads, keychains or flashlights, they have your logo which makes them valuable in other marketing efforts.  Here are five easy ways to repurpose and make use of extra promotional items:

  1. Other Expos – While this one may seem obvious, many companies forget about last year’s promotional materials. A good way to ensure promotional items can be reused for several events and for a longer duration is to make sure they are consistent with your brand and are not designed around a specific event or product.
  2. Customer Appreciation – A little “thank you” can go a long way. Think about reengaging some of your valued customers with a thank you note and promotional item.  The end of the year is the perfect time to thank them for their business and contributing to the success of your company.
  3. Holidays – Consider going outside of the traditional company holiday cards or calendars this year. By repackaging some of your best promotional items for the holidays, you can give your customers a reason to think about you well beyond the holiday season.
  4. Proposals – While this one may not be the best fit for commercial clients, think about giving your residential project proposals a little something extra to standout from competitors. Adding a promotional product can be an effective way to make your proposal memorable and worth the time for review.
  5. New Services – If you are launching a new service, location or website, you may want to add a promotional item with your announcement. A little gift package will most likely get more attention than a postcard in a client’s or prospect’s mailbox.  This is equally as effective for direct mail marketing campaigns and will give your HBW leads another reason to contact you.

Promotional items that carry your company name can help generate buzz long after your exhibitor’s pass expires.  By taking stock of promotional item you have now, you can plan to make an impact in your expos, mailers and announcements later.

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