Texas Residential Construction Report – March 2023

A summary of permit data for new home construction in Texas during the month of March

Last month, Texas experienced approximately a 5 percent month-over-month decrease in new home construction, resulting in 3,535 new permits with a total value of nearly $1.1B added to the HBW database.  Out of the four Metro areas reviewed (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio), Houston (1,705 permits) carried the highest level of new construction activity, while the highest average value of new construction projects could be found in Austin (average value: $399,193).

Total Permits

Out of the thousands of new residential construction permits added to the HBW database last month, Houston (1,705 permits) carried the greatest concentration of new home construction activity, while the lowest level of new construction took place in the San Antonio area (213 permits). The breakdown is as follows:

Average Value

Last month, the average value of construction ranged from a high of $399,193 (Austin) to a low of $213,395 (San Antonio). The average value of construction from each Texas Metro area is as follows:

Austin: $399,193

Dallas: $333,052

Houston: $272,219

San Antonio: $213,395

Leading Counties

Statewide, there were three counties where approximately 45 percent of all new residential construction took place; those counties are as follows:

  1. Harris County (Houston): 963 permits
  2. Tarrant County (Dallas): 302 permits
  3. Dallas County (Dallas): 298 permits

Top Home Builders

While the leading home builders vary widely and are specific to each region for the most part, from a statewide perspective there were five home builders that carried 32 percent of all new permitting activity last month; those companies are as follows:

  1. D.R. Horton – 386 permits
  2. Lennar Homes – 244 permits
  3. Perry Homes – 220 permits
  4. Meritage Homes – 176 permits
  5. Pulte Homes – 106 permits

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