Swim Into Summer!

Summer is right around the corner and many a homeowner is installing the swimming pool of their dreams. Pools are typically quite an investment, and there are a lot of considerations besides budget that homeowners make when deciding to install a swimming pool. Ultimately, the decision to get a swimming pool is as much an investment in your lifestyle as it is an investment in your home’s value.

One big concern that homeowners face when considering a pool is its impact on their home’s value. There has been a longstanding belief that pools don’t add value to one’s home, but a study by the National Association of Realtors found that an in-ground swimming pool adds an average of eight percent to the value of your home, depending on where you live. In the northeast, they add about 6%, and in the southeast they add up to 10%, but in the southwest they can add a whopping 13% to a home’s value.

Swimming pools also offer a multitude of health benefits. Swimming is a high-octane, low-impact exercise that burns between 423-632 calories per hour. Swimming is also a great for cross-training because it burns a lot of calories but allows muscles damaged during high-impact sports to heal. Even people who want to lounge around rather than lunge through the water enjoy better health, because the pool offers a cool, pleasant place to slow down and relax away from one’s hectic life.

Swimming pools are a great investment for entertaining friends and family as well. Pool parties can create some fantastic opportunities to socialize with neighbors, friends, and co-workers. A swimming pool gives families a place to spend time together and create epic memories without ever leaving the backyard. Because it’s so close to home, a pool offers a safe and convenient place for kids to play where parents can keep an eye on them while controlling who does and doesn’t join their kids in swimming.

Whether you are increasing your home’s value, getting some exercise, or spending time with your family and friends, a swimming pool is clearly a good investment to make. Get started to day by contacting the spa and pool specialists in your area.

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