Florida’s Top Three Counties for New Home Construction – November 2018

An HBW review of the Florida counties and regions with the greatest amount of new residential construction activity (housing starts) during the month of November 2018

As previously published on our blog last week (“Florida’s Top Home Builders – November 2018”), there were more than 4,300 housing starts throughout the Sunshine State during the month of November.   Out of the five major regions reviewed (Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Southeast, Southwest), Tampa ranked #1 for total housing starts (1,170 permits), and Orlando had the highest average value of construction (average value: $322,105).

When taking a look at the counties that are leading Florida for total housing starts, there were some high levels of new construction spread across the state, with the greatest concentration being in the Central region.  Here is a look at the top three counties for total new residential construction permits during the month of November 2018:

Orange County

Orlando’s Orange County is the center of everything Orlando. As Florida’s fifth-most populous county (population as of 2017: 1.349 million), it is no surprise that the greatest amount of new home construction is taking place there.  Last month, there were approximately 450 housing starts with a total construction value of nearly $164 million in Orange County alone; that is nearly half of all new residential construction in Central Florida for the one-month period.

Hillsborough County

Ranking second-highest for total housing starts last month was Hillsborough County.  Hillsborough is home to the City of Tampa and is the fourth-most populous county in Florida, having a population of 1.409 million (2017).  Last month, there were approximately 375 housing starts in Hillsborough with a total construction value in excess of $127 million.

Pasco County

Pasco County ranked third-highest last month for new residential construction activity.  Pasco is significantly smaller than the neighboring county of Hillsborough, having a population of approximately 525,643 (2017).  Pasco County is included in the Tampa-St.Petersburg-Clearwater Tampa Bay Area and is primarily considered a bedroom community for Tampa.  Last month, there were 300 housing starts with a total construction value in excess of $89 million in Pasco County.

Other counties that held higher concentrations of new construction last month were Polk County (Tampa) with 298 new permits (total construction value: $62 million+) and Lee County (Southwest) with 294 new permits (total construction value: $65.1 million+).

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