Florida’s Top Three Counties for New Home Construction – November 2018

An HBW review of the Florida counties and regions with the greatest amount of new residential construction activity (housing starts) during the month of November 2018 As previously published on our blog last week (“Florida’s Top Home Builders – November … Continue reading

HBW Quarterly Report: Florida Residential Construction Rises through Q2-2018

New home construction in Florida is up by 12% in the first half of 2018. Since 2014, new home construction has been on the rise in Florida, and this year is no exception.  Since January (through June), the Sunshine State … Continue reading

Florida Home Building Report – May 2018

An HBW report on housing starts and home building activity in the Sunshine State during May 2018. Last month, there were hundreds of active home builders throughout Florida contributing to the 6,030 new residential construction permits that have been added … Continue reading

Florida Housing Starts Hit a High in 2016

Last year, Florida experienced a 13% year-over-year increase in housing starts, resulting in more than 64,000 residential construction permits on file with HBW. Across the Sunshine State, new residential construction was booming in 2016, making it the best year for … Continue reading

Florida New Residential Construction Report 2015

New residential construction in Florida was on the rise during 2015, and Central Florida topped the list with a 26% increase in housing starts since 2014. Last week, we reviewed residential construction activity in Georgia and Texas.  This week, we … Continue reading

HBW Report: Top Florida Home Builders – October 2015

HBW has nearly 4,000 new permits on record for Florida home builders during the month of October, with Lennar Homes holding the #1 spot for total starts in 3 out of 5 areas of the state. Last week, we took … Continue reading

HBW Report: Top Pool Builders in Florida

If you are looking for leads in Florida, just take a look at the new pool construction permits added to the HBW database in September. Looking for leads in Florida?  Then look no further – HBW has been busy tracking … Continue reading