Construction Trends Alabama Market: 2nd Quarter 2013

Jefferson and Tuscaloosa Counties are the newest coverage areas in HBW’s repertoire of new construction permit data in the Alabama market.

The counties we report on are showing steady growth. As reported in the previous quarter, the Alabama market saw a very minimal dip in construction. However, we are happy to report that Alabama’s residential construction numbers have increased greatly this quarter and are now higher than they have been in over a year.

For the Alabama Mobile Metro areas, the following New Residential Construction Market Trends Report- summarizes residential new building permits issued for the following counties that include: Mobile County, Baldwin County, Jefferson County and Tuscaloosa County. 

HBW_2013_Q2_Alabama Mobile Metro New Construction Trends 2013

These complimentary construction stats are provided from the building permit data collected by the staff of HBW, Inc.  More detailed information can be obtained from the HBW, Inc. sales staff.

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