Construction Market Trends: 1st Quarter 2013

New residential construction is truly on the up and up in Florida and Georgia closing out the 2013 first quarter.

This is testament to the housing market turning the corner for the best especially in Florida who get hit hard during the recession’s peak.

Based on our latest quarterly report, we are excited and enthusiastic for the numbers of increased residential construction we are seeing in both Florida and Georgia. HBWeekly Florida new residential construction 2012 - 2013 Q1

In the Alabama market, we saw a very minimal dip in construction. The slight decrease is still optimistic for the overall market.  Georgia is looking great with a substancial increase in construction, while the entire Texas market is on a turn down, yet numbers are steady and still range a comparison to 2012’s 2nd and 3rd quarter numbers.

HBWeekly Atlanta Georgia Texas new residential construction 2012-2013 Q1What’s happening in your market? Do you see new construction popping up everywhere? We want to hear from you!


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