Boosting Your Subcontracting Business: Part 1

This multi-part series is dedicated to helping our subscribers better understand the hiring process so they can get onto the GC’s list of preferred subcontractors and start building up their business.

HBW is proud of the work we do for our subscribers and it is our genuine pleasure to help subcontractors locate valuable commercial construction job leads and residential building job leads. In our ongoing effort to better serve our clients, we have researched business plans and blogs, investigated resources, and talked with general contractors to get an idea of the subcontractor hiring process.

The first thing to know is that excepting government projects, the lowest bid doesn’t necessarily win the contract. Think about it: If you were a GC with a $450,000 contract on the line, would you be willing to risk your success on a complete stranger whose work you’ve never seen just because they are the cheapest, or are you going to go with the most reasonable bid from a subcontractor with a proven track record of completing good work, within the budget, and on time? A few thousand dollars difference between bids is small potatoes compared to the peace of mind that comes from hiring dependable people.

When approaching a GC for the first time, or you if haven’t worked with a particular GC in a while, write a one-page introduction email. Tell them a little about your company and your track record. Keep it to one short and sweet page, or it may not get read.

First, talk specifics about what you do and all the services you offer. Don’t assume the GC knows everything that you are capable of offering his project. Next, give a description of two or three of the projects you have worked on and what your work specifically was. If you are new to subcontracting, mention other subcontractors that you worked for. End the letter by stating that you are interested in having your company included on his initial list. Don’t forget to include your contact details!

A few days after you send the email, follow-up with a phone call. When you get them on the line, tell them that you’re calling to see if they got your letter. If they didn’t get it, take the opportunity to fill them in on the work you do and your availability. If they did get it, ask if there is any additional information they might need to put in their subcontractor database.

If you’ve been accommodating, informative, and personable, it’s very likely that you are on the GC’s all-important initial list. The next steps, which we will be discussing in the next article, is to market your firm’s specific strengths and demonstrate your knowledge of the local construction market.

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