Atlanta Swimming Pool Construction Quarterly Update

Based on the latest swimming pool permit reports available for Atlanta, new swimming pool construction appears to be reaching a plateau this year.

When we think of taking a dip, we think of pools, and new pool construction in Atlanta has taken just that… a dip in its annual growth pattern.  While new swimming pools have been on the rise in the Metro Atlanta area for nearly five years, this year shows signs of it slowing down.  Through the third quarter of this year, new pool construction is just about neck and neck with last year, resulting in 1,768 new pool permits added to the HBW database; although there isn’t a significant difference in new construction from last year, it has certainly slowed in comparison to the 14%-18% annual increases occurring in recent years.

When taking a closer look at HBW’s Construction Activity Trend Report, the counties that hold the greatest concentration of new pool permits include: Fulton County (324 permits, +3%); Cobb County (238 permits, -3%); Cherokee County (162 permits, +1%).  In contrast, other counties in the Metro Atlanta area have experienced significant dips in new pool construction… While Forsyth County has reflected marked annual increases in pool starts as high as 42% in the last five years, this year pool construction in the area has experienced a considerable year-over-year decrease of 26%.

In favor of construction picking up before the end of the year, there are a handful of counties that are exhibiting consistent and high rates of growth in pool construction.  Counties including Walton, Paulding and Jackson have been on the lower side of the permit totals but on the higher side when it comes to identifiable growth patterns.  The County of Walton appears to be leaping out of its lull in pool construction having already experienced a 95% year-over-year increase in pool starts, and the counties of Paulding and Jackson are already ahead of last year’s figures by 30% and 33% respectively.

With just three short months remaining in 2018 and the popular season for pool construction being behind us, there is still enough time for new pool construction to pick up, but the probability is low.  This year may just be a plateau year for pool starts in the Atlanta area; that being stated, there are still plenty of new permits to peruse and use in the HBW database before the next batch and new totals come in during Q4.

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