5 Tips for Getting the “Clicks”

Easy tips for increasing the click rate on mass emails

As an HBW subscriber, you have an ongoing list of leads that are waiting to be engaged.  While there is a myriad of ways to reach your prospects (cold call, mailer, etc), at some point email marketing will most likely come into play. 

So, what makes an email marketing campaign successful?  The answer is layered and has much to do with the source of your leads, knowing your audience and tailoring the information to meet the interest and needs of that audience.  Since you have the verified leads through HBW, and you most likely know your target audience, we will skip right to the nitty-gritty of fine-tuning your mass emails. 

Truth be told, even some of the best of mass emails will have an average open rate of 20% – yes, 20%.  It may not seem like a high figure, but keep in mind that most people are overloaded with emails on a daily, if not hourly, basis.  Make sure to set realistic goals; once you have determined your baseline for open and click rates, you can make modifications in an effort to boost those figures. 

Here are five easy tips for increasing your “open” and “click” rates on mass emails:

1.    Subject Line – Pay attention to your subject line.  This can make or break an email.  Get creative and avoid generic openers.  Short yet descriptive subject lines fare better than those using generic and typical lure tactics; lengthy subject lines often go unread and are cut off on mobile devices.  The subject should be compelling and inviting.

2.    First Words Make First Impressions – As you are probably already aware, the first few words of your email will be visible to most viewers before they even open it.  For this reason, make the first text in the body of the email an extension of the subject line and something of specific interest to the reader.

3.     Time It – Day of the week and hour of the day are important factors in having an email read.  In the construction industry, many of us are accustomed to checking email before the sun rises, but to market to consumers, you will need to think about their typical schedule.  Generally, emails sent on Tuesday or Wednesday (around lunch hour) have a higher probability of being viewed, but you may need to gauge and test different days of the week and times of day to see what works best for your contacts.

4.    Avoid Pressure – While pressure sales may work for some, it becomes a bit gimmicky in the world of email.  Phrases like “Hurry in – Limited…” or “Only 3 Left” can scare off many readers (especially new ones).  Instead, think about using phrases that are inviting and pique interest.

5.   Be to the Point – While design and engaging images are important, don’t create too many distractions.  Your email should lead the reader, not force them to search for content or wander for too long.  You have a very limited time frame to capture the reader, so make the most of it.  All images should have links attached as they are easier to click, and the content should have a clear offer and call to action.  Save your more text heavy messages for your brochures, website and blog.

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