Warm Cities Attract New Construction

Orlando warm cities HBW Construction leads

Orlando and surrounding areas hold attributes which make for a more desirable residential location. Photo via: 123rf.com

It’s no surprise that when temperatures dip below the realm of tolerance, people find it a necessity to move South not only for the Winter, but for long-term residence. Through observing census figures and housing market competition, it is evident that warmer climate locations hold fortunate in attracting greater populace numbers.

Jerry Kronenberg, of TheStreet.com, observes that “census figures show that the Sunshine State’s population nearly doubled between 1980 and 2010, while cold-weather Michigan and Ohio grew by only about 6.7% (way below the 36.3% national average),” via Yahoo.com Homes article. As temperatures continue to fluctuate in inconsistent patterns, it is found people seek a more desirable residence where ghastly cold temperatures are not an issue. It has been observed that throughout the past twelve months, Orlando’s housing market pricing has risen an astounding 12.8%, with available property listings dropping 21.9% and remaining on realty websites for a mere 71 days, a great contrast to the country’s overall time span of 108 days.

Orlando and surrounding areas hold great promise and proven positive rebound in respect to the housing market. Numbers show that the past twelve months have elicited an upwards trend that clearly shows this is the location of near greatest housing production possibility.

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