Viirt Revolutionizes the Roofing Industry

Imagine a streamlined roofing process that saves homeowners thousands in labor and materials costs, cuts project completion time by at least 20%, gives clients insider access to project review, and can be managed remotely via the internet. Ryan Pendell of Silicon Prairie News reports that this dream-like scenario has been made a reality by career roofing contractor and tech entrepreneur Josh Davis through the Viirt online project management platform. Viirt has just gained $900,000 in venture capital from Dundee Venture Capital and a small group of angel investors.

According to Digital Journal, “Viirt is an online project management company that will generate a formal roofing bid in one minute or less that is within 5% accuracy.” Viirt will “streamline the overall process from start to finish and introduce ‘roofing insider’ tools to homeowners that have previously not been available to the public.”

Viirt accomplishes this amazing feat by leveraging the internet and aerial satellite technology. Viirt locates the client’s home and pinpoints precise roof measurements, which process happens much more quickly than the customary manual roof estimation process. Viirt also takes advantage of bulk materials pricing and passes those savings on to homeowners. Projects ordinarily costing $13,000 can be done for $3,000-$4,000 less.

Davis, Viirt’s current CEO, explains that current communications technology enables Viirt to “execute most project management functions remotely and automatically, especially on the front end…I’ve been in the roofing industry all my life and have done every job possible. Now, I’m excited to modernize the industry by adding a little bit of today’s technology to it.”

Marketing expenses, huge commissions for salespeople, and expensive materials significantly increase the roofing costs homeowners typically pay. The Viirt platform’s lower materials prices, quick and efficient roof estimate process, and efficient real-time communication saves homeowners 20%-30% per job. Because they use a formal vetting process when signing up local contractors, Viirt also guarantees the contractor’s work and secures payments until the roof installation is completed.

All of which means that Viirt’s virtues go beyond the nuts-and-bolts of the roofing process. According to Davis, Viirt is “creating much needed transparency in the roofing industry by putting the homeowner back in control of the entire roofing process. We’re boosting consumer confidence.”

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