Texas Top Home Builders – January 2018

A review of top home builders and new residential construction in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio for the month of January 2018.

The new year has started off right for D.R. Horton when it comes to new home construction.  Out of the four major Texas metro areas reviewed, D.R. Horton was number one for total housing starts in three out of four (Houston, Dallas, Austin) Texas cities last month.  Across the state, new residential construction was solid for the first month of the year, having a total of nearly 5,200 new permits with a value in excess of $1.2B on file with HBW for the one-month period.

Other builders who had a heavy presence in new residential construction last month include Lennar Homes and Pulte Homes.  Here is a closer look at the top home builders in Texas by metro area:


Last month, Houston remained on top for new construction activity, having more than 2,225 new permits with a total value of nearly $451M on file for the month.  More than half of all new construction took place in Harris County (1,126 permits), and out of the more than 275 active builders in the area, D.R. Horton took top spot for total housing starts.  The top five builders for total housing starts in the Houston area last month are as follows:

#1 – D.R. Horton; #2 – Perry Homes; #3 – Pulte Homes; #4 – Lennar Homes; #5 – K. Hovnanian Homes


Dallas ranked second highest last month for total housing starts.  Out of the approximately 1,750 new residential construction permits with a total value in excess of $488.5M, D.R. Horton ranked #1 for total housing starts from the 230 active builders in the area.  Other builders that made their mark in January include:

#1 – D.R. Horton; #2 – Bloomfield Homes; #3 – First Texas Homes; #4 – Lennar Homes; #5 – Pulte Homes


As previously mentioned, D.R. Horton also took top spot out of 100 active builders in the Austin area last month.  In January, there were close to 700 housing starts with a total construction value just over $165M, and more than half of all new permits originated from Travis County (391 permits).  In addition to D.R. Horton, other home builders that made the top five list are as follows:

#1 – D.R. Horton; #2 – Lennar Homes; #3 – RSI Communities; #4 – Meritage Homes; #5 – Pulte Homes

San Antonio

There were just over 500 housing starts in San Antonio last month with a total construction value in excess of $120M.  Out of the 75 active builders on file for the area, Continental Homes of Texas took the #1 spot for total new residential construction permits in January.  Other builders that were on the leaderboard for total housing starts are as follows:

#1 – Continental Homes of Texas; #2 – KB Homes; #3 – Lennar Homes; #4 Camillo Properites; #5 – Bella Vista C.M.I. Ltd.

Information utilized for Texas residential construction reports was directly derived from HBW construction data reports. To gain access to the HBW database and receive custom and detailed reports on the latest residential and commercial building activity in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, and Oklahoma, please contact HBW for details.

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