Texas Swimming Pool Construction Quarterly Report

An HBW review of swimming pool construction permit data for Texas through Q2-2019

During the first half of this year, Texas has experienced a healthy dose of new swimming pool construction.  In the four major metro areas of Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, there has been a combined total of 4,187 swimming pool starts, reflecting a 2 percent year-over-year increase in new pool construction permits on record with HBW.

Out of the four major metro areas reviewed, Dallas ranked #1 for total swimming pool starts (2,135 permits), and the Austin area took the lead for the greatest annual growth with a 19 percent year-over-year increase in new swimming pool permits.

Here is a closer look at the latest new pool construction activity by area from January 2019 through June 2019:


It’s no secret that Dallas is a hot housing market, and when it comes to swimming pools, the area continues to grow.  Last year, Dallas experienced a 9 percent annual increase in new pool construction, and this year (Q2-2019) the growth pattern has continued.  Since January (through June), there have been 2,135 pool starts in Dallas, reflecting a 2 percent year-over-year increase.  Nearly half of all new construction took place in the counties of Dallas (518 permits) and Tarrant (512 permits), and the greatest percentage of growth could be found in Denton County (+16%).


Houston has been consistent to say the least when it comes to new pool construction – Through the second quarter of this year, new swimming pool permits have remained steady and in line with figures from the same time last year.  From January through June 2019, there have been 1,193 new pool permits added to the HBW database for Houston, with the majority of new construction taking place in Harris County (702 permits).


Out of the four metro areas reviewed, Austin has experienced the greatest amount of growth in pool construction in comparison to the same time last year.  Since January, there have been 540 new swimming pool permits added to the HBW database for Austin, reflecting a 19 percent year-over-year increase.  Nearly all new permits originated from Travis County (415 permits) and Williamson County (116 permits), with both counties exhibiting an 18 percent year-over-year increases in new pool permits.

San Antonio

While San Antonio has demonstrated an annual growth pattern in new pool construction since 2015, there have been some signs of slowing since the start of this year.  As of the second quarter of 2019, there has been a seven percent decline in new pool construction in comparison to last year, resulting in nearly 320 new pool permits on record with HBW, most of which originated from Bexar County (261 permits).

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