Remodel Your Bathroom for ROI

Realtors know that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. But rather than doing a remodel for their family’s enjoyment, too many homeowners wait until they’re ready to sell and then do a quick superficial facelift. According to renovation expert Ken Perrin, people who want to do a bathroom remodeling job should “do it and enjoy it, and if [they] do it well and it’s quality workmanship, [they’ll] get your money out of it because the house will sell.”

#1: The Bathroom is a Sanctuary

At the end of the day, buys, overworked folks just want to unwind. Many homeowners want to seek refuge in spa-quality bathrooms. Bathrooms are much larger than in the past, with larger windows, designer lighting, and radiant heat floors. The toilet is walled off into its own area and the two sinks are standard in the enlarged vanity. The tub and shower are separated into a deep soaking tub and an open, airy, multi-head shower. Where space is at a premium, many homeowners forgo a tub altogether in favor of a luxurious spa shower.

#2: Smart Upgrades

Entertainment systems equipped with satellite radio, internet, and cable television are popping up more frequently in spa bathrooms, but these showy features aren’t the best bet for a high return on investment. Instead, consider upgrading the storage and green factors in the room. Low-flow water fixtures for the multiple shower heads, sinks, and toilets are very desirable, as are on-demand tankless water heaters that conserve both water and energy. LED lighting fixtures also cut down on bathroom energy use. Adding floor-to-ceiling vertical cabinets featuring shallow drawers with dividers and electrical outlets inside the cabinet will yield sensible but sensational storage to the bathroom.

#3: Remodeling Starts at the Studs

Bathroom remodeling projects need to go deeper than superficial fixture swapping, re-tiling, and painting if the improvement is to hold its value. To make sure that the bathroom can stand up to everyday sink splashes and over-full tub sploshes, the walls, ceilings, and sub-floors should be upgraded. Mold-and-moisture-resistant drywall for the room and cement board for the shower and tub areas are keys to making sure that your remodel is a lasting improvement.

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