Quarterly Report: Florida Swimming Pool Construction Q2-2019

A review of new swimming pool permits in Florida and on file with HBW through the second quarter of 2019

FL New Swimming Pool Construction Permits by Area Q2-2018 vs. Q2-2019

When you think of Florida, you can’t help but think of sun, beaches and swimming pools.  Over the past five years, the Sunshine State has experienced annual gains in new swimming pool construction year after year, and there appears to be no signs of slowing.  From January through June of this year, there has already been a 3 percent year-over-year increase in new pool construction, resulting in approximately 12,420 new swimming pool permits added to the HBW database.

Similar to and in line with Florida’s new residential construction through the second quarter, the western regions (West, Northwest, Southwest) of the state have demonstrated the greatest annual gains in new pool construction ranging from 5 percent (Southwest) to 10 percent (West).  When reviewing volume of permits, the western region as a whole maintained its lead in the market as it held more than half of all new permits (6,920 permits) in Florida for the six-month period.

When moving to the central portion of the state, including Orlando and surrounding areas, we find that while overall the area is off to a slower start than last year (8 percent year-over-year decrease), Orange and Volusia County have demonstrated year-over-year gains ranging from 9 percent to 10 percent.  Out of the more than 1,940 new pool permits in Central Florida through June of this year, more than half originated from Orange (377 permits) and Volusia (275 permits), while the other half were sourced primarily from the counties of Osceola (442 permits) and Brevard (442 permits).

Finally, in the eastern regions of Florida, there have been gains of 2%-3% in comparison to last year.  In the southeast, there have been 2,280 pool starts, reflecting a 2 percent year-over-year increase, and in the northeast there has been a 3 percent year-over-year increase in new pool construction, resulting in 1,277 new permits on file with HBW.

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