Quarterly Report: Florida Swimming Pool Construction Q1-2022

An overview of permit data for new swimming pool construction in Florida during the first quarter of 2022

New swimming pool construction has been on the rise in Florida for the last several years, with consistent annual increases ranging from a low of 4 percent to a high of 27 percent, and since the start of this year the upward pattern has continued.  From January through March, there were more than 10,660 new swimming pool construction permits added to the HBW database for the Sunshine State; this reflects more than a 6 percent uptick in new pool construction in comparison to the same period last year.

Out of the six major Florida regions reviewed (West, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest, West and Central), the greatest volume of new swimming pool permits could be found in the southwestern region of the state (3,477 permits) where there has been a 16.5 percent year-over-year increase in new pool construction.  In the southwest, more than half of all new construction took place in the two counties of Lee (1,016 permits) and Manatee (731 permits), with both counties demonstrating year-over-year increases of approximately 9.5 percent and 27 percent respectively.

Other Florida regions that have carried a higher volume of new swimming pool construction activity since the start of the year include the southeastern and western portions of state.  In the southeast, there has been a 6.3 percent year-over-year increase in pool permits (thru March 2022), resulting in 2,000 new permits on record with HBW for the three-month period.

In the western region of the state, new pool construction has been off to a slower start as there has been a 4.4 percent year-over-year decrease in new permitting activity, resulting in 1,707 new permits on record with HBW. The counties driving the higher construction figures in the western region include Hillsborough (559 permits), Pasco (330 permits), and Polk (329 permits), where more than 70 percent of all new construction took place.

Moving to the central region of the state, there have been approximately 1,520 new pool permits added to the HBW database since the start of the year (thru March 2022), reflecting nearly a 4 percent year-over-year increase in new pool construction.  More than half of all new construction in Central Florida originated from the two counties of Orange (522 permits) and Brevard (304 permits).

While new pool construction in the northern region of Florida is lower than other areas of the state, construction activity has held somewhat steady in the first quarter of this year.  Both the northeast and the northwest have demonstrated minor differences in construction activity in comparison to last year; during Q1-2022, the northeast has exhibited a 3.6 percent increase and the northwest has exhibited less than a 1 percent decrease in new pool construction, resulting in a combined total of 1,960 new swimming pool permits on record for the northern region.

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