HBW Report: Florida Home Construction Q3-2023

Since the start of this year (thru Q3-2023), Florida has experienced a significant 21 percent year-over-year decrease in new residential construction permits, resulting in more than 79,390 new permits added to the HBW database.  Out of the six Florida regions reviewed (Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast, West, Central), all areas have experienced year-over-year drops in new home construction ranging from 8 percent (Northwest) to 25 percent (Southwest), and nearly 64 percent of all new permits statewide originated from the three regions of West (18,643 permits), Southwest (17,596 permits), and Northeast (14,246 permits) Florida.  Here is a closer look at the total number of new permits on record for the month in all six Florida regions reviewed:

  1. West: 18,643 permits (-19% YoY)
  2. Southwest: 17,596 permits (-25% YoY)
  3. Northeast: 14,246 permits (-24% YoY)
  4. Central: 12,707 permits (-24% YoY)
  5. Northwest: 9,258 permits (-8% YoY)
  6. Southeast: 6,941 permits (-21% YoY)

From a county perspective, there were seven counties (out of 51 counties included in the report) that carried nearly 40 percent of all new home construction through the third quarter of this year; those counties are as follows:

  1. Lee County (Southwest) – 5,720 permits
  2. Pasco County (West) – 5,225 permits
  3. Polk County (West) – 5,062 permits
  4. Manatee County (Southwest) – 4,185 permits
  5. St. Johns County (Northeast) – 3,967 permits
  6. Hillsborough County (West) – 3,652 permits
  7. Orange County (Central) – 3,490 permits

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