Green Trends in New Homes

New homeowners want to live in healthier, greener, homes. According to Tara Campbell, founder and blogger for Power House Growers, “homeowners are starting to place health high on the priority list when looking at real estate investments. Families are looking for long-term healthy options. As a society we now have a better understanding of the impact that our homes have on our wellbeing. Our homes are where are stories begin and end so quality of life is essential in creating a healthy living environment.”

Homeowners are increasingly interested in having environmentally healthy and ecologically conscious options for their homes. A healthy home is one that maximizes the health and wellbeing of the family that lives in it. As more people become aware of the dangers posed by hazardous building materials and toxic construction chemicals, the market for homes built without such materials and chemicals has boomed.

To capitalize on this desire for green home building, it is important to have the right metrics. Home eco-metrics and wellness real estate consultants Delos Living has made it possible for residential construction experts as well as homeowners to measure the health of a home’s built environment. They have also grown the entire industry’s expectations about what a healthy house can be. The experts at Delos can help design air, energy, power, water, and light options that keep a home free of stagnant air, contaminated water, wasteful appliances and inefficient doors and windows.

After going to the trouble of building green, healthy real estate, it is important to list the property with green-certified realtors. These certified professionals know how to attract the buyers who will be interested in making a solid investment in a healthy home, even if the median prices is somewhat higher than it is for conventionally built homes. There are four major green realty organizations in the U.S., so make sure that your realtor is registered with one of them. If you are seeking a green-certified realtor, these organizations will help you locate one.

1. EcoBroker grants the EcoBroker Certified® designation

2. The nonprofit National Association of Green Agents and Brokers grants the Accredited Green Agent™ and Accredited Green Broker™ certification through its GreenRealestate™ program.

3. Earth Advantage (US), which grants the Sustainability Training for Accredited Real Estate Professionals (S.T.A.R.) certification

4. Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design confers the LEED Green Associate or LEED AP certification through a rigorous exam process

It’s important to realize that te trend in green and healthy building provides an opportunity to improve the resale value of a newly built home. Green fixtures and appliances, along with chemical-free building materials and a health-conscious home design, add value that does not significantly depreciate over time. Buyers can expect that such a home will maintain its healthy condition for much longer than conventionally built structures.

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