“Go Build Alabama” Nabs High Praise at Industry Conference

The Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute’s efforts to promote construction industry workforce recruitment have not gone unnoticed. ACRI’s “Go Build Alabama” program nabbed a Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Award of Excellence at this year’s celebration, which was held in Houston. The program was one of only eight, nationwide, to receive such an honor this year.

ACRI executive director Jason Phelps is very excited about the win. “It is an honor to receive national recognition for the success of Go Build Alabama,” he says, adding that, “Our campaign provides students with information about a viable career option in the construction industry. We see the need for a training pipeline to fill the future needs of our industry and are working ahead to get students into training in Alabama.”

The Go Build Alabama program began in 2010, and immediately set out to recruit young professionals into the building trades through recruitment and training efforts. During the last four years, Go Build Alabama ambassadors have attended over 200 college and career fairs across the state, reaching an estimated 256,000 students. These efforts have yielded a 51% increase in enrollment for the first-year career technical education (CTE) programs during the 2013-2014 school year. 33% of new enrollees said that the Go Build outreach programs directly influenced their decision to enroll in construction technology and program management courses. Go Build outreach efforts included campaigns specifically geared towards women and the younger demographic.

In partnership with the Alabama Department of Education and the Alabama Power Foundation, Go Build Alabama recently introduced a revamped website, interactive e-textbook and mobile app. The app networks job seekers with community colleges, technical training institutions, and apprenticeship programs. The website now features an portal for educators featuring classroom teaching and learning resources. To learn more about job opportunities through Go Build Alabama, please visit Go Build Alabama.com.

1/3 of America’s skilled master trades professionals are over 50, and seeking to retire from the industry, and there are not enough younger workers to replace them. To forestall the looming labor shortage in the professional building trades created by older workers leaving the business, the Alabama Construction Recruitment Initiative launched the Go Build Alabama campaign in 2010 to recruit and train new trades professionals.

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