Florida Top Home Builders – May 2020

A listing of leading home builders in Florida based on total new residential construction permits on record with HBW for the month of May 2020

As published on the HBW blog last week, there were 4,750 housing starts with a total construction value of nearly $1.4 billion in the Sunshine State last month.  Out of the hundreds of contractors with new residential construction permits pulled for the one-month period, there were a few that were standouts for carrying a high volume of housing starts.

Based on the latest construction data reports available from HBW, D.R. Horton and Lennar Homes have and continue to lead Florida for new home construction.  Across the five major regions reviewed (Tampa, Southwest, Orlando, Southeast, Jacksonville), D.R. Horton and Lennar Homes landed in the top five for new home construction, with each builder having approximately 545 new residential construction permits on record in Florida for the one-month period.

With construction and contractors having a local focus in certain areas, we have reviewed HBW reports to identify leading home builders by region and based on the total number of housing starts for the given period.  Here is a breakdown of the top five contractors, their total permits and construction values by area based on construction activity on record with HBW during the month of May 2020:


Builder Total Permits  Total Value
1-Lennar Homes 170  $  53,110,908.00
2-The Villages of Lake Sumter 132  $  41,277,768.00
3-D.R. Horton 114  $  28,042,148.00
4-Highland Homes 56  $  11,740,918.00
5-Pulte Homes 54  $  15,477,281.00



Builder Total Permits  Total Value
1-Lennar Homes 143  $  29,836,099.00
2-Taylor Morrison 76  $  22,438,421.00
3-Neal Communities of SW FL 74  $  15,158,794.00
4-D.R. Horton 69  $  15,455,219.00
5-Pulte Homes 38  $    9,156,894.00



Builder Total Permits  Total Value
1-D.R. Horton 192  $    51,068,365.00
2-Lennar Homes 72  $    23,120,886.00
3-M/I Homes 71  $    22,408,339.00
4-Mattamy Homes 62  $    17,486,740.00
5-Minto Builders 60  $    19,410,139.00



Builder Total Permits  Total Value
1-Dream Finders Home 137  $    27,826,708.00
2-D.R. Horton 91  $    15,078,562.00
3-Lennar Homes 66  $    15,870,729.00
4-American Classic Homes 65  $       6,365,000.00
5-Richmond American Homes 43  $    10,777,414.00



Builder Total Permits  Total Value
1-Lennar Homes 93  $    18,634,003.00
2-GL Building Corp 90  $    36,758,680.00
3-D.R. Horton 78  $    13,599,669.00
4-Maronda Homes 33  $      4,197,475.00
5-Pulte Homes 30  $    11,433,104.00


To gain more information on the builders, homeowners and permits for the construction activity above, check out HBW for your copy of the latest construction data reports. To gain access to the HBW database and receive custom and detailed reports on the latest residential and commercial building activity in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, and Oklahoma, please contact HBW for details.

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