Eye on Florida – Top 10 Builders of July 2015

Home building and construction jobs are growing in Florida.  Here’s a look at builders that are leading new residential construction throughout the region.



Earlier this week, the Daily Journal of Commerce highlighted the latest analysis of Labor Department data performed by the Associated General Contractors of America.  Although the report reflected uneven job growth across the U.S., there was a significant increase in construction job growth within various states, more specifically Florida.  Florida ranked second, behind California, with 26,500 new construction jobs over the last year ending in July.

Along with an increase in new construction jobs in Florida, sales of new homes in July were up by 5.4% across the country and 5.8% in the South (source: Commerce Dept.).  Although less than predicted, the trend is indicative of a strengthening housing market.  According to the Freddie Multi-Indicator Market Index, the Florida housing market is improving; for the month of June, it scored 75.1 points, an improvement of 2.6% over the last month and an increase of more than 13% over the last year.

With such positive news in construction for Florida, it’s no wonder that HBW has produced a report to highlight Florida’s Top Builders in July 2015.  Based on new permits pulled in July, here’s a look at the bulk of new residential construction activity and the leading companies.


This month, Fortune Magazine listed Lennar Homes as #69 out of 100 of the fastest growing companies.  For this reason, it should be no surprise that Lennar Homes holds the #1 spot in Tampa for new residential construction in July with 121 new home starts (total value: $31,285,132).  The Villages of Lake Sumter is second in the area with 66 (total value: $25,024,351), and D.R. Horton takes third with 39 new residential construction projects (total value: $8,269,141).

Tampa - New Residential Construction Top 10 in July 2015

Tampa Top 10 for the month of July 2015


Although third in Tampa, D.R. Horton led Jacksonville in new residential construction in July with 79 new home starts (total value: $13,566,264). Coming in at a close second and higher total value ($17,500,441), Lennar Homes had 71 new home starts, while Pulte Homes is third with 62 for the month (total value: $12,970,972).

Jacksonville Top 10 - July 2015

Jacksonville Top 10 for the month of July 2015

Southwest Florida

Lennar Homes took the lead again in SW Florida for July with 128 new residential construction starts (total value: $29,293,280).  Pulte Homes held strong in second with 107 (total value: $24,290,694), while WCI Communities made an impact in the area with 71 new home starts (total value: $16,339,164).

Southwest FL Top 10 for the month of July 2015

Southwest FL Top 10 for the month of July 2015

Southeast Florida

G.L. Homes led South Florida in July with 63 new home starts (total value: $23,829,165).  Second and third are no strangers to leading construction in Florida, as D.R. Horton had 45 new home starts (total value: $14,945,950) and Lennar Homes had 35 in the Southeast (total value: $12,479,288).

Southeast FL Top 10 for the month of July 2015

Southeast FL Top 10 for the month of July 2015


With Lennar Homes leading in Tampa and Southwest Florida, it can be expected to see them in the #1 spot in Orlando with 100 new home starts (total value: $15,177,714) in July.  D.R. Horton was close behind in second with 79 new residential construction permits (total value: $22,024,824), and Pulte Homes was third from the top of the leader board with 67 (total value: $23,675,180).

Orlando Top 10 for the month of July 2015

Orlando Top 10 for the month of July 2015

To learn more about the permit data pulled and used to compile the graphs above, or to gain access to the latest construction permit information available in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma, contact HBW for details.  Get the knowledge you need to expand your client base and be one of the businesses highlighted in HBW’s next monthly “Top 10” report.

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