Dave’s County Spotlight: Coweta and DeKalb Counties.

Hello All! Dave Taylor here, checking in with you today about the construction boom that’s been happening in the state of Georgia’s Coweta and DeKalb Counties for the first and second quarters of 2014.  HBW subscribers know that our Building Permit Information reports are a solid source of residential construction job leads. But they may not realize that HBW offers unparalleled market analytics and construction activity trend reports on a county-by-county basis to help construction trades professionals fine-tune their marketing and promotion efforts.

Located just south of Atlanta’s Fulton County, Coweta has always been a popular county for commuters. Its picturesque landscapes, storied history, and charming small towns are very appealing for folks who like a more livable pace of life. As of July 1, 2014, 250 new homes have been built in the county, with construction revenues totaling over $84.6 million. 67% of new homes fell into the $200-399k range, with 47% of new home prices set at $400k+. The county’s 43 residential remodeling projects brought in a total of $2.7 million. 35 Coweta County residents decided to beat the heat by installing new swimming pools this summer, which generated more than $1.2 million in construction revenues. Commercial construction activity was solid throughout the first two quarters, with 26 new commercial developments valued at $27.4 million being built, and 13 commercial properties generating $13.2 million in remodeling and renovation activity.

Boasting the highest population density of any Atlanta metro area counties, DeKalb County is home to many Atlanta business commuters. But the presence of the Centers for Disease Control, the American Cancer Society,  Emory University and Healthcare, Cox Communications, AT&T Mobility and the Kroger Corporate Office give DeKalb a degree of economic self-sufficiency and independence that other commuter counties lack. DeKalb is also noteworthy for its focus on green building, mixed-use developments, and environmental sustainability. The first half of 2014 has seen 316 new homes built in DeKalb county, which has generated more than $102.5 million. 31% of new homes had median prices of $200-299k, and 28% of new homes fell into the $300-399k range. DeKalb’s 370 residential remodels and alterations brought in nearly $33 million.  The swimming pool industry in DeKalb has been slower than expected, with only 18 new installations totaling just about $292k for the year. On the other hand, DeKalb’s commercial construction industry is performingextremely well, with 19 new developments totaling $82.4 million and 215 commercial alterations/remodels generating just over $100 million to date.

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