Cloud-Based Construction Management Just Got Real

Building lifecycle consulting company Trimble Buildings has its feet on the ground, but its head is definitely in the cloud. Last week, Trimble announced ProjectSight, “a cloud-based solution for construction field management that simplifies the creation, access and sharing of project information between the field and the office.” Distributed via the software-as-service model, this “new solution provides mobile workers with access to up-to-date project information and smart workflows for increased productivity and more informed decision making.” ProjectSight will lower contractors’ software costs while widening the availability of key documentation and information to all of the project stakeholders.

Easy-to-use and cost-effective, Trimble ProjectSight is a field management application designed for contractors and project managers. Accessible via computer or mobile app, ProjectSight features a clean, intuitive user dashboard interfacing with “smart, project-based workflows” that keep teams in sync. The centralized database offers up-to-date information related to critical project drawings, models, blueprints, information requests, material tracking, and issues reporting. Unlike other products, ProjectSight has robust offline functionality that allows information to remain available even during sessions that get disrupted with sudden disconnections.

ProjectSight is only the latest of Trimble’s offerings for managing construction project logistics, budgets, estimates, schedules, and coordination for 2d and 3D datasets. The new Trimble Connect collaboration environment serves as the primary platform for ProjectSight. Trimble Connect is the cloud-platform hub for the design, engineering, and construction firms working on a project. In conjunction with Project Sight, Trimble Connect allows teams to access and share project management data with all other users during the design-build-operate lifecycle.

Mark Sawyer, general manager of the General Contractor/Construction Manager Division of Trimble Buildings, explains that “effective project management is critical to the profitability of any construction project.” Trimble ProjectSight offers “a solution that addresses the core functions of project management in a very easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy system,” says Sawyer, adding that, “ProjectSight ensures workers have access to accurate, up-to-date information and it puts that information in the hands of highly distributed teams at very low cost.”

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