2015’s Top 3 Construction Management Software Solutions

Construction management software has advanced rapidly in the last few years, bringing the industry to new levels of efficiency and productivity in the process. Streamlining workflows, cutting down on paperwork, and eliminating repetitive manual entry are only the most basic benefits to be found in the latest generation of construction management software. Yet, many construction business owners who want to adopt this new technology are stymied about what software is the best fit for their business. To clear up this confusion, HBW is pleased to present a roundup of the three most popular construction management software solutions, as ranked by the software and technology firm Capterra.


With their proprietary iTWO 5D platform, RibMC2 integrates virtual modeling and communications with physical construction to enable EPCMS and contractors to see the project before it begins, review project execution remotely, and reuse project data to predict future trends. This is the only solution that covers the entire project lifecycle from initial concept to final closeout. This industry-standard, 5D end-to-end technology models the time, quality, cost, and collaboration aspects of the construction process, resulting in cost reductions of 30% and a 20% decrease in time to completion. Using a standardized single enterprise platform enables iTWO to integrate all phases of the project life cycle from design through execution, and accounting through forecasting. The platform delivers real-time project performance and key metrics in a visual format, which simplifies portfolio management and eliminates the need for traditional month-end progress reporting.

Better for: Volume builders and large GC’s with a diverse portfolio of large-scale civil and commercial projects and a huge number of stakeholders.


Construction Suite by Newforma is a project information solution that incorporates Preconstruction, Project Management, and Field Management. The Preconstruction function lets users manage email, drawings and documents, search the network for information, distribute/coordinate bid documents, and coordinate models and documents to detect potential MEP clashes. The Project Management function organizes contracts, submittals, RFI’s, change orders, and action items through remote, touchscreen technology for smartphones and tablets that can be synced across the entire team and collaboratively annotated. The Field Management function integrates punch lists, project images, spatial indices, and site reporting into a tablet app, which streamlines the field capture and administration of punch list items. The suite includes: The Newforma web interface, Newforma Form Letters, Newforma Project Publisher, Newforma Contact Directory, and the Newforma Construction Suite, including the Newforma Add-in for Microsoft® Office® Outlook®.

Better for: Design-build firms, small GC’s, construction managers and specialty subcontractors.

3. Viewpoint Construction Software

The core offering of this software-as-a-service solution revolves around construction accounting including payroll, cash management, and account administration. Additional modules are purchased separately for HR, project management, inventory management, and field management. The fully upgraded version of Viewpoint includes data storage and virtual collaboration space, as well as tracking of labor, equipment, and field agents. It also offers maintenance scheduling and tools for creating/managing punch lists, records, and change orders.

Better for: Small and mid-sized residential companies and specialty subcontractors.

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